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The Knox Webmail system is technically only meant for remote access to campus e-mail, not for regular use. However, everybody uses it all the time.


The Computer Center has been in a constant battle with their Webmail systems since the dawn of Knox e-mail. The past year has been particularly rough, with the system constantly going down and couple emergency software updates.

List administration[edit]

See main article at List administration

If you are in control of a Knox e-mail distribution list, Webmail handles all administration duties. You can add/remove users or change the way e-mails on that list present themsleves (e.g. a constant word in the subject line or blurb at the bottom of the body text).


Instead of relying on Webmail, users may set up their e-mail through an e-mail client, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, which is free.


  • Often continues to function when Webmail has gone down.
  • Gives you many more settings for how your e-mails are handled.
  • Allows you to use the Knox LDAP server so you will never have to look up someone's Knox e-mail ever again. Incredibly useful.
  • You don't have to use Webmail.


  • Takes time to set up.
  • Is not accessible from any computer on campus (unless you are set up to VNC)
  • Does not do List administration

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