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The Computer Center and Telecommunications office is organized under the Office of Academic Affairs. The current office head is the Director of the Computer Center and Telecommunications, Steve Jones.

The Computer Center administrates Knox's network and computer systems, including the wireless and the computer labs. They are also responsible for the landline telephones and the television service.

The office provides a number of instruction guides for entering students on how to configure their computers for the Knox network. They probably can't help you if you use Linux however. They also demand that everybody download their own licensed anti-virus software, although until the new rules came out in 2009-2010, few people actually bother unless they had none to begin with. Now they use Sophos, which is a pain in the ass to use, but you can't even get on the network without it.

The Computer Center employs a number of students as lab attendants during the day and evening.

The Computer Center, including Stellyes Lab and the Caterpillar Classroom, occupies the basement of SMC's E-wing.

Staff of the Computer Center[edit]



Student Employees[edit]