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Xavier (pronounced ha vee air) Romano was the Dean of Students until he resigned in April 2010. He is married to Vicky Romano. He controlled a large slush fund. He wears a bow tie.

Students were sometimes referred to him for disciplinary action. He usually talked through problems, and the result was a trip for coffee with the student in question. He also likes to speak with his eyes closed. Just ignore this.

Xavier was best-known as Greek adviser and Dean of Flunk.

2010 Leave and Resignation[edit]

In Winter 2010, Xavier was suddenly placed on administrative leave. The reasons for this were not publicly disclosed, but Xavier had recently been under fire regarding his part in the handling of sexual assaults[1]. Rumors said[2] that, following an investigation, Xavier was terminated in March 2010. The administration denied that he had been terminated and insisted that he was still on leave[3]. The reasons for his dismissal were not released to the community, leading to student protests demanding administration transparency that caught the attention of The Register-Mail.[4]

On April 21, 2010, Roger Taylor sent out a campus-wide e-mail stating that Xavier would be resigning effective June 1, 2010, and that he would remain on leave until that time. The e-mail cited personal reasons for the resignation; no mention was made of the allegations against him. Associate Dean of Students Debbie Southern, who had been serving as Acting Dean of Students in Xavier's absence, was tapped to replace him. Craig Southern's future reporting lines remain unknown.

Campus-Wide E-mails[edit]

Xavier on Leave[edit]

As some of you may know, Dean Romano is away from campus on leave.

In his absence, Debbie Southern has agreed to serve as Acting Dean of Students. She will be a member of the Senior Staff and report to Dean Breitborde. Associate Dean of Students Craig Southern also will report to Dean Breitborde for the time being.

Please join me in thanking Debbie for her willingness to serve.


Xavier Resigns[edit]

Xavier Romano has resigned from the College as Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students, effective June 1, 2010. He will remain on leave until that time, dealing with issues relating to his father's health and exploring his life post-Knox. He leaves Knox with a strong and competent student development staff in place as he seeks the next steps in his personal life and career. Please join me in thanking Dean Romano for his service to Knox and wishing him and his family all the best.

Effective June 2, 2010, Deb Southern will become the Dean of Students. She will report to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, Lawrence Breitborde. I am making this appointment after consulting with the leadership of the board of trustees and the elected leadership of the faculty. I am grateful to Dean Southern for her willingness to take on this position during this time of transition.

Please join me in thanking Dean Southern for agreeing to accept the responsibilities of this position and in giving her your full support.


Post-Knox Career[edit]

Xavier is on the shortlist of candidates for the Dean of Students position at Linfield College in Oregon. Their student paper, the Linfield Review, recently published an article discussing the circumstances surrounding Xavier's departure from Knox. [5] The article featured quotes from 2009-10 TKS Editor-in-Chief Laura Miller praising Xavier's performance, asserting that "[h]e’s always been extremely accommodating for the newspaper” and that "[f]or lots of students, he has been a great dean.”

He is currently the President at Jazan Economic City Polytechnic in Saudi Arabia, and is now on Facebook. <<< Wow. Really? This is newsworthy?

Fun Facts[edit]

Xavier attended the college where the famous movie "Animal House" was filmed, and was a student there while the filming took place.


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