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BLADU never stood for Big Losers and Drug Users. Jay Hathaway made that up.

It was Knox's version of The Onion. I wish it still existed.


2005-2006 Beverly Race, Lisa Goetz, Brent Aronowitz
2004-2005 Devin Hogan, Beverly Race
2003-2004 Bogdan Kostic, the legend!!!
2002-2003 Alison Looney
2001-2002 Greg Kupsky
2000-2001 Brian Prugh
1999-2000 Kieran McCarthy

The BLADU Editorial & Production Headquarters[edit]

BLADU made its official home in the corner of Wallace Lounge in Seymour Union sometime around 2000. Under the auspices of Dean Romano's monetary largesse, two walls were constructed to enclose a space that could perfectly accommodate two iMacs, one sometimes-functioning laser printer, one dictionary, and generally 4-5 editors. The office's lack of windows made it easy for editors to happily work on BLADU all night. On the occasion of layout editor Joe Mohan's 21st birthday, Bogdan Kostic drank two Camos in the BLADU Editorial & Production Headquarters and got so messed up he missed all of his next day's classes.

BLADU's Death[edit]

Many people believe that BLADU died because of O2C. This is only partly the case.

BLADU's publishing quality faltered in its later years, and under editor-in-chief Devin Hogan it ceased completely while the editorial board made plans to revamp the publication, perhaps under a different name. The chosen new name was & (Ampersand), but due to opposition from the advisor and other sources the plans were dropped. The Board of Publications gave BLADU an ultimatum in Spring Term 2004 that it had to produce at least two issues during the next term or it would lose official publication status.

One issue was produced late in Spring Term 2005, with Beverly Race as Editor-in-Chief, but it was not released to the public until Fall Term 2005. One more issue was published as an insert in The Knox Student due to thin content. After the two editors-in-chief Beverly Race and Lisa Goetz resigned for the last time (there had been previous resignations and rejoins over a few months), Brent Aronowitz was left as the only person on staff. The Board of Publications convened in January 2006 to determine its fate, and based on Devin Hogan's recommendation and on the facts that it had not actually produced a single full issue in the previous term and that it had no editorial staff, the Board of Publications revoked BLADU's budget and official publication status.

The budget money used to publish BLADU was mostly redirected toward Cellar Door, which was founded around the same time. The BLADU office in Wallace Lounge currently houses the Free Store.

Also, back in the day, BLADU used to be really fucking great.