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The first and most important meal of the day, though often skipped by college students for numerous reasons, including lack of sleep, hangovers, or laziness.

At breakfast in the caf, you can usually find some form of sweet bread (like cinnamon rolls), various things involving eggs, a sweet dish like french toast or pancakes, breakfast meat, and a vegetarian alternative to said meat. There is also a waffle-maker, the egg/omelette grill, and a wide selection of cold cereals.

For students in a hurry, there is also the Breakfast Grab-N-Go in the Oak Room, which features hot items from the regular breakfast menu, plus portable things like yogurt, muffins, and bottles of juice.

The Out Post also has a breakfast service. The only hot food available is sausage sandwiches. Closes at 9:30 AM, which is far too early.

For students who never make it to breakfast but still want to eat breakfast food, the Oak Room has breakfast night every other Thursday. It is delicious.