Cedar Street

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Cedar Street looking north

Cedar Street is a street in Galesburg. It runs north-south, and marks the 100 block west.

The street runs from its northern end at Victoria Avenue to its southern end at Fifth Street. Cedar Street has several gaps in its path, including between South Street and Knox Street where it would cross the Knox campus, as well as a small gap just south of Water Street where it would cross the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe right-of-way.

North of Main Street it is called North Cedar Street, and south of Main Street it is called South Cedar Street.


Cedar Street runs both north and south of campus. Campus features along Cedar include FIJI, Jorge Prats Field, and the Knox Bowl.

Other items of interest include Standish Park and some off-campus housing areas, including the Yellow Apartments.


Ceader Street once ran through campus, passing in front of the libary and the quads. The street was removed in the 1950's when the library was remodeled and an addition was put on Seymour Hall. This is why the Beta house looks so out of place, because the front portico used to be curbside to cedar street. If one were to look carefully at knox campus and notice the fire hydrants from cedar street still line the campus as if the street were still there. visualize and try to imagine campus in a different era.