Knox Bowl

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A football stadium on the south end of the Knox campus which is also used for sledding, smoking, drinking and boning. With the exception of the observatory on the roof of SMC, it's also the best place on campus to watch the night sky. It's shaped like a bowl, hence the name.

If you are caught here by Knox College Security, you will be reported to the Office of Student Development and nothing will happen.

Indeed, one is not truly a Knox student until one has broken into the Knox Bowl.


Dirt excavated while building the Ford Center for Fine Arts was used to build a rather large series of burms around an open area south of Knox Street. The burms provided a nice place to sit during football games and has become one of the most well-known stadiums in Division III college athletics. Prior to this period, the football team played at Trevor Field, named for Knox's Athletic Director at the time. The stadium seating for Trevor Field can still be seen on the south side of the new track. it is now used as a football and track and field practice field and occasional intramural softball field.


The Knox administration is currently pushing for funding to renovate the Knox Bowl, add bathrooms and a larger press box, resurface the field with artificial turf and remove one of the burms. Once completed, the field will be renamed after former Athletic Director Harley Knosher.

Not that it matters, as students will always refer to it as "The Bowl".