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South Street at dawn

South Street is a street in Galesburg. It runs east-west, and marks the 300 block south. The street runs from the western end where it meets the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad right-of-way shortly past Harding Street to the eastern end where it meets Kiwanis Park, with a gap in the middle between Grand Avenue and Farnham Street.

West of Broad Street it is called West South Street, and east of Broad Street it is called East South Street.


Knox College's mailing address is 2 East South Street. Old Main straddles the north-south zero line along Broad Street. South Street also separates the apartments and northern off-campus living areas from the rest of campus. TKE, Beta, Alumni Hall, GDH, Hamblin, the Old Jail, and SMC all abut South

The Knox County Courthouse is located at South and Cherry Street. Standish Park occupies the block behind it west to Cedar Street, where Broad Street would otherwise run to intersect with South.

Quick Sam's is located at the corner of South and Academy Street.

South Street and Seminary Street intersect in a sunken intersection in the Seminary Street Underpass, and share a right-of-way through the underpass.

Except in the area around Knox College and downtown Galesburg, South Street is primarily residential.

South Street used to be a very busy thoroughfare during commute times, as it connected with Monmouth Boulevard/St. Joseph Road to give easy access to Maytag. Since the Maytag closure, traffic on South has calmed, although it is still often quite fast. The school and the city, at the behest of the Student Senate Safety and Services Committee, installed solar-powered traffic warning signs. The signs flash and are very bright and distract drivers from watching out for pedestrians.

This street is very dangerous to cross when drunk, though it is often necessary.