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An original collection of professional, intellectual articles on the arts and sciences, first published in 1751, with the intention of publishing data and theories free of religious doctrine or theology. This original Encyclopedie was arranged by Denis Diderot and Jean D'Alembert, as a means of collecting actual data and knowledge, as opposed to the theologically-inclined volumes of the day. A major work of the Enlightenment period of philosophy and literature.

Wikipedia is the idiot bastard descendent of Encylcopedie. The Wiki Fire is merely that idiot bastard's child, adopted lovingly by Tom Fucoloro.

Admissions Tour[edit]

Without a doubt, the admissions tour will tell you about the Encyclopedie.

Jimmy Wales[edit]

Last June, Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, was on campus to receive an honorary doctorate from Knox. He received this award maybe 100 yards from where this Encyclopedie is housed. Think about that.

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