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The division of the administration in charge of providing food, as well as managing Dining Dollars, Flex Dollars, and ID cards. The head of the department through the summer of 2015, was Helmut Mayer. Now its poorly managed by some less than qualified people employed by Bon Appétit, a for profit outfit. They run the The Hard Knox Cafe, The Oak Room, and The Gizmo as well as The Out Post and The Grab-n-Go.

Other than the ones employed by the for profit corporation, most people who work for Dining Services were some of the nicest people you ever met. If you could not find something, they would find it for you and brought it to your table. Since the arrival Bon Appétit, food choices/variety and quality has decreased,and consistency of dishes is completely out the window. Sadly, the helpfulness of the staff has also largely decreased because they suffer under the corporate management.

Whats even worse is that the almost 100 percent labeling of products, showing the nutrition values, ingredient and allergen information is completely gone, replaced by meaningless and often incorrect food names nobody is happy with.

Dining Services food service employees are for now still unionized and not hired as part of an outside food service contract. This means their pay is better than what other colleges pay, but due to other reasons it's still not that great. Laurie used to supplement her income with a yearly trip to Las Vegas.