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Eric spends approximately 5-10% of his waking life on his cell phone, which doesn't include his text messaging. Someday technology will allow his cell phone to be integrated into his body and he will become part of the collective.

Is going to hell. God is pissed.

Ever wonder what happens when a Beta and a Delta have a baby?

Residential and Roommate History[edit]

First Year
Residence: Seymour 3b
Roommate: Jesse Temple

Sophomore Year
Residence: Neal 1
Roommate: Andy Prendergast

Junior Year
Residence: Sigma Nu
Roommate: None

Senior Year
Residence: Sigma Nu
Roomate: None

Sigma Nu Family and Involvement[edit]

Eric is credited with being a major force within Knox's chapter of Sigma Nu. He served as Recorder and as Eminent Commander (it is worth noting, however, that during his tenure as Commander, Eric served in some capacity in every single office in the chapter.) After he has graduated, Sigma Nu will be left with only one gay, Matt Hundley. Matt is not worried, because he's hella gay.

Eric's (SNu) father is Rob Lebshier. He has two sons, Doug Davison and Alex Enyart. His Grandson is Matt Hundley. coincidence?

Campus Involvement[edit]

Um, everything.

Watch for Eric's name to affixed to some building in the future. Eric Langston presents Alumni Hall, perhaps?

Langston was largely understood to have been the most powerful person on Knox's campus.

Langston's Ghost[edit]

You can tell Eric was here when you see the following things:

  • Smokers' Stations next to the doors in the Quads
  • Q's Café brownies in the Gizmo
  • Old articles about Student Senate doing things
  • One awesome computer in the TKS office
  • An organization that does not know how to do something (Eric used to do it)

After Knox[edit]

Since graduating from Knox, Eric has acquired a job with Northwestern Mutual Financial Group. He describes his job as saying "I look at what you want to do and what you have now, then I tell you what to do to make it work."

Basically, it's Eric's dream job.