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Five-Name is the large L-shaped building rounding the northeast corner of West and Knox streets. It contains five suites. Campbell and Elder are the two suites of the north wing, and Neifert and Sherwin are on the east wing. Furrow, a.k.a. the Armpit, is in the bend, and houses primarily upperclassmen. Each wing has a double suite on each floor, with a shared hallway separated by a door that is usually open, and bathrooms at either end. The building as a whole is co-ed, but as of the 2023-24 school year Shneifert 3 is single-sex. There is a combination kitchen/laundry room in Neifert Basement, along with the big, weird, empty space that used to be the Roger Taylor Lounge. The Student Health Center sits on the outside corner of the building and now uses the former Neifert basement housing as health offices.

Five-Name suites are numbered by floor, starting in the basement (Neifert or Elder 1, although usually they are referred to as Neifert or Elder Basement, with the actual first floor being numbered 2, and so forth).

In previous years, Five-Name was notorious for its constant fire alarms, sometimes approaching six alarms in a single day. However, during the 2023-24 school year, the building has only suffered a single fire alarm which incidentally occurred at 4:20 am (great job guys).