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Does not exist. It never will.

"It's coming to a Knox College near you in the fairly distant future."


Official projection for el Dia de Flunk 2010: Tuesday, May 4th, similarly the Official Sam Martone Flunk Day Projection is also Tuesday, May 4th. And, sorry guys, both are wrong. Thanks for playing, though!



March 25[edit]

Sam Martone announces that he will act as a mercenary/spy for seniors who desire assistance during the Assassins game.

March 26[edit]

Tenured Professor of Economics, Jonathan Powers, asserted that Flunk Day IS tomorrow, Saturday, March 27th.

March 30[edit]

FLUNK DAY FRIARS ARE OFFICIALLY NOT BEING PICKED BY A GAME OF ASSASSINS BECAUSE KNOX COLLEGE NO LONGER ENJOYS FUN OR THINGS THAT ARE FUN. Are the Flunk Day Gods listening? Ginny Graves tells anonymous student that friars will now be picked through a large game of bingo. Hit your grandparents up for strategies people. It is on!

March 31[edit]

Many students are confused and lost now that their Master of Flunk has been dismissed. Now there will be no riding around in the Gator handing out condoms and being reprimanded by Roger again.

--> Simultaneously, the upperclassmen are throwing parties to celebrate the dismissal.

--> Simultaneously, the sophomores are confused as to why people are so mean.

--> Simultaneously, the first-years are confused as to what exactly Flunk Day is and who the Flunk Master is. They decide to start investing in the "Flunk Day stash" the upperclassmen were talking about, not sure if this really means alcohol, drugs, or party blowers. <---All of the above. This is important.


April 1[edit]

  • 4AM

Students are emailed about being a part of Flunk Day and to remain secret.<--Friars? This could be huge!

  • 8AM

Students are turned away from Campus Life only to realize they just got mega pranked!!! HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!! and congratulations and fuck all those who orchestrated this prank!

April 5[edit]

  • 2PM

In a stunning turn of events, the Flunk Day e-mail consists of Roger Taylor announcing his resignation. A new tradition is born.

  • 10PM

Suspicious vehicles spotted in Dick Blick parking lot.

  • 11PM

A bright flash of light is seen coming from the Northwest.

April 6[edit]

  • 5 AM

Some people yell that it is Flunk Day. Unfortunately, they start out in Hamblin and the upperclassmen only grumble. We all go back to sleep.

April 7/Flunk Day Review[edit]

- Flunk Day is Tomorrow.

- Don't assume that all events on the calenders actually exist. In one case a few years ago, the boy's baseball team was away at a game when Flunk Day occurred.

- Don't rely on the forecast. Rain just helps in the making of the mud pit. :)

- Don't believe any of the upperclassmen. Ever.

- Don't believe any of the faculty. Ever.

- Just because the caf is baking a lot of cookies does not mean Flunk Day is tomorrow.

- It is also not necessarily Flunk Day if the grass has just been mowed.

- Large trailers spotted at random businesses around town does not mean they are blow-up carnival rides.

- Flunk Day will not be on a Friday. Too many people would end up in the hospital from non-stop partying. OH YEAH!

- The Flunk Day planners will not give you clues as to when the actual day is.

- Everything they (the Flunk Day planners) say and do may just be screwing with you. Always keep that in mind.

- Here is also a map from last year's Flunk Day that we can update this year:


Notable sightings would include Helmut leaving the caf at odd hours of the morning, etc.

-This morning was a very large and well organized and very loud Flunk Day scare. They had sirens, pots and pans, and at least twenty participants, one of whom screamed, "YOU WON'T CATCH ME ALIVE!" as he ran away. This was a very stupid scare for everyone except the Freshmen and Freshwomen considering a.) the safety e-mail hasn't been sent out yet b.) IT'S THE SECOND WEEK OF APRIL, HARDLY.

-Flunk Day will be April 29th. The powers that be have spoken.

April 9th[edit]

WHY IT IS -On Friday, I overheard something in the Campus Life Office about "this being the big week". Jenn looked super busy and the Flunk Day planners were seen leaving the office carrying a box and a bag. Also, we Facebooked a few of the admissions visitors that were scheduled to come early this week and we think that at least one of them is a completely made up person. Flunk Day IS THIS WEEK!

WHY IT ISN'T -This week is a big week because the drafts of club budget requests are due and it's the housing lottery, so of course Campus Life is busy this week. Also, I believe Craig Southern would kill someone if housing lottery was messed up. Flunk Day is NOT THIS WEEK!

April 13th[edit]

-Flunk Day email sent out, Flunk Day is tomorrow! And if not, senior meeting at Buffalo Wild Wings, so it will be a good night.

-Has anyone noticed that there are no significant campus events going on on Earth Day like there usually are? Flunk Day?? <--There actually are!


April 14th[edit]

3:56 am- The double doors in the hallway of Seymour are open suspiciously early. The light is on in the mail room. I don't know if that particular clue is actually indicative of anything, but I've heard it is.

-It definitely, definitely is! Lights are on in mailroom and dining services.

-Clearly, Today is Flunk Day, start drinkin'!

-It's a scare <--you're a scare. CAN'T STOP US!!!!!!!!!!

-Flunk Day is Definitely Tomorrow!

April 15th[edit]

-Although people are suggesting things to the contrary: Flunk Day will NOT be Thursday, April 15th. This is the day of the Joe W. Morgan lecture, which is a HUGE deal and they have an editor from Rolling Stone coming, who has spoken on the phone with individual students and talked about her visit and what she's going to talk about while here. Plus they made reservations for her for dinner.

-In response to the post above...Flunk Day can be placed on the same day as a huge event if it was not scheduled WAY in advance. It has happened before. Look back, Flunk Day almost always is placed during SOMETHING on campus. I still would not rule Wednesday or Thursday out.

12:04am: Group of Conger/Neal residents begin digging of mud pit.

-Also...shipping the seniors off to Buffalo Wild Wings seems innocent enough...or does it? Hmm, maybe a clever way to round up friars?

-They just decided how they're going to PICK friars. Flunk Day is in May.

-Poor naive little Underclassmen. Aside from the fact that Flunk Day is Tomorrow, there is no supporting evidence for anything yet. You need to get better at this.

-Also Conger/Neal, don't fuck it up. And whatever you do, don't use the tiller that SNU has...

2:05am: Xavier Romano seen at Beta incident with 7 cop cars, 2 firetrucks and his Flunk Day hat in hand. Continue digging the mud pit!

2:37am: Xavier being seen on campus is not true. I am one of the select few who has direct access to "The Raptor!" Alas, no Raptors at KC for el dia de Flunk forever :(

-The "mud pit" looks like a giant Cheerio made of shit. The middle section of hardened dirt and topsoil needs to be broken up and moved out of the way. An easy way to do this is by using a tiller. It looks like you went at it with a trowel. Your first attempt = Failed.

-Flunk Day TKS is printed (Flunk Day next week!)

April 16[edit]

-This will not be Flunk Day. It also needs to be defined what a "scare" is. A scare is not shouting it's Flunk Day at night. A scare is a well ordered conspiracy where you mislead a large amount of the student body so that they believe it's Flunk Day.

1:42am: The people shouting in the quads need to do two things: learn to read, and then read the definition of a scare and the history of epic scares.

-Why are you so bitter? How about instead of complaining on the WikiFire, you get your ass out of bed and join the scare? You're so boring!

April 18[edit]




Haven't you realized by now that Flunk Day doesn't exist?

April 19[edit]

-Was not Flunk Day, despite all of the solid evidence that follows. A group of rowdy gentlemen informed the quads of this at around 7:30 A.M. See more below: April 24/Rowdy Gentlemen Who Scream "It's not Flunk Day" @ 730 AM

-Why is this day being neglected? No one is suspecting, thus it is the perfect plan. Is Flunk Day today?

-Probably won't be Flunk Day today because of housing lottery? And what about Phoneathon? And they haven't even sent the second email (The Fact/Myth email) out yet!

-Silly underclassmen, the Fact/Myth email is not an every year thing. Once that first email happens...it's on. ALSO, Flunk Day was on housing lottery before...it is just another way of screwing with us.

-Flunk Day is not today there is a guest speaker planned tonight Doug McAdam, but I would expect a scare at least. Also coincidence, I think not, HyVee put up decorations in the store that are remarkably themed to match Flunk on the Beach. All I can say is the shark, fish, and whale balloons are epic and a clear sign Flunk Day is on our doorstep.

-Roger Taylor said they are looking at Flunk Day in a new light this year. A safer one. <--Well this is it, today was Flunk Day.

6:45pm: Golf cart seen roaming Knox's campus. Persons talking w/ Ginny and Britt (Flunk Day planners). Tomorrow is surely Flunk Day. Get your stashes ready!

9:48pm: Confirmed: all four Flunk Day Planners shopping at Wal-Mart right now!

10:25pm: Lights on in the Union Board office.

11:02pm: Talked to Xavier, and asked if it was Flunk Day and he said, "He would not be making any trips to Knox tomorrow."

11:05pm: Ten well known seniors' phones are turned off, including Ginny Graves.

11:10pm: LIES!

11:12pm: Environmental Studies candidate lunch and lecture CANCELLED!

11:30pm: Pam Schuller has been cited at Knox again! Flunk Day is definitely tomorrow !

11:47pm: Erica Jaffe and Michael Sales spotted near the Gizmo. <--Michael Sales is in Maine, nice try!

11:50pm: Alumni member of the President's Circle gets email saying that Flunk Day is tomorrow! <--This is legit, I've seen it! Unless it's an awesomely orchestrated prank! See President's Circular Email Prank Below.


-Has no one noticed the blatantly scheduled home baseball game for tomorrow?!?! <-- fake home game was scheduled on FD in 2006. <--ok, but golf is gone to MO as well; both of these teams have been screwed over in the Seniors' Knox lifetimes, would they really do that again!?! <--yes. <--well, the game is on the website (http://www.robertmorris.edu/athletics/mensbaseball/springfield/schedule/).

-...better get that mudpit ready. This could be HUGE!

-*sniff sniff* I smell a scare. This could be HUGE!


-Posted on Ginny's Facebook wall: kathleen mary podlipni: very clever baker, but i am 75% sure tmrw is not flunk day molly anne: i don't think it is Flunk Day but I really really really hope it is not. I lack some necessary supplies. virginia baker: that's too bad. i guess you should have listened to jnef and i....

Ginny confirming Flunk Day = Not Flunk Day also she is by her computer or using her IPhone meaning she IS NOT PHONELESS or INTERNET-LESS and it's NOT FLUNK DAY!

April 20[edit]

-Like having your birthday on Christmas, or possibly the best superholiday in history? Discuss.

-It'd be pretty smart on the administration's part; kill two birds in one stone. There are far too many conflicts however: multiple home baseball games, dance residency, and Dan Peterman's talk. <--Talk cancelled and dance residency unimportant. <-- EXCUSE YOU. IT IS IMPORTANT. We've been screwed over 2 years in a row.

-Naw, having your birthday on/around Christmas would suck. You get half the presents! So you get half the fun, you see...

-Why is the Oak Room going to be closed for breakfast in the morning? Suspicious much?

-Also, Andru Bemis is supposed to be performing today. Posters and a Facebook event have been up for a while. Proof it's not Flunk Day, or Flunk Day music??? <--DOES NOT MATTER! This was not organized before the Flunk Day calendar!

-Lights on in the mailroom? THIS COULD BE HUGE!

-Time for a Midnight Stroll. This could be HUGE!

-Lights on in the mailroom AND kitchen. This could be SMALL!

-Start Drinking!!!!!

-Even if it ISN'T tomorrow, someone had best to start workin' on that mud pit. That shit is pitiful. <--AMEN!

-Friars chosen, lost contact with my roomie. Get some sleep. BC TOMORROW's FLUNK DAAAAAAY!!!!!

-At this rate, if Flunk Day isn't tomorrow, a damn epic scare better materialize or I'll be thoroughly disappointed.

-2:55am Martha Baumgarten was seen in the union board office. FLUNK DAAAAAAAY... ALSO the lights in the caf & the GIZMO are on. WTFFFFF FLUNK DAY??!!!

-Two suspicious trucks parked in Seymour loading docks. Both are occupied by men who are not security. Security is driving around in unmarked car. Lights in mail room still on (rumor is that there are always on) seniors who received txt message to meet at 5 am are not picking up their phones. What does it all mean?

4:24am: TRAIN WHISTLE! Totally Flunk Day!!!

4:34am: Oh yeah. TOTALLY Flunk Day!!! ABBY PARDICK PROMISED!!! If it is not flunk, blame said sr. <--She never promised shit. <--Even if Abby promised she's a senior SHE'S GOING TO LIE!!!!!!


5:50am: Was there even a scare in the Quads? Nothing by Williston/apts...<--Shit was heard by Townhouse residents. Get yo heads outta yo asses Williston and suck it!

6:08am: It is determined that the class of 2010 sucks. <--Our class is still better than yours.

Senior flunk scare member is chased valiantly by campus security, proving class of 2010's great scare pride and physical endurance.

5:00pm: Oliwia Zurek spotted drunk at Kaldi's - it's either Flunk Day tomorrow or she just gave up on her honors project.

11:05pm: Someone replaced the whole page with Happy Flunk Day, please don't do this as this page still serves to chronicle the hilariousness of all the scares and misinformation leading up to Flunk Day.

April 21[edit]

12:51am - I'm bored.

1:16am - I have a paper due tomorrow.. I mean today.. I wish today is Flunk Day

5:30am - Lights on in the Wilson House and Dining Services. Is that normal?

April 22[edit]

-The only thing scheduled for today is the dance residency. Last year they had Flunk Day on the day of the Blood Drive so I wouldn't put it past the planners to screw over the dancers.

-It's admitted students day...and it's not fake. I know prospies who are coming and spending the night...no Flunk Day today. Next week!<--Admissions has been known to call prospective students and ask them to not come in the night before. <--The Knox Admissions Office, I know would NEVER do that. No Flunk Day this week. <--They HAVE done that. <--They've also made up prospective students before. You may think you're volunteering to host, but really that person doesn't exist!

--It is the only day this week with NOTHING going on (no home games, no guest speakers, and dance residency has fallen on Flunk Day before)! <--Seriously, it's admitted students day. Students are coming to stay overnight on Thursday, since they aren't allowed here on the weekend. Students are coming from all over the U.S., they aren't going to just call up people the night before and ask them not to get on their plane. And too many individual prospies have verified with various students from Knox that they have connections to.

-Is it actually an admitted students day or are prospies just randomly coming? Cause usually admitted student days are advertised on the calendar, and a notice that the oak room will not be open for lunch goes up. We have already had two admitted student days which is usually how many there are, and I don't see anything on the calendar or any oak room notices. Admissions doesn't know when it is Flunk Day till last minute and so they have had to cancel visits before, it sucks, but its not their choice.

-Yes, it is an admitted student day on April 23rd. They have frequently advertised it to prospective students, the employees are hard at work scheduling and setting up for it, and they've spent tons of money getting ready for it. There is no way they would cancel it just to surprise us with Flunk day. It's been planned for over half a year in advance, too. If you want proof, check out the Oak Room schedule. http://www.knox.edu/dining/weeklyoak.aspx

-April 23rd is an Admitted Student Day... NOT April 22nd!! OH SHIT!

-But they're not stupid enough to have Flunk Day right before an open house. <--They've done it many times before, so this is a moot point. <--WHEN have they done it "many times before" and what constitutes "right before"? The day before? A few hours before? Remember, students who are coming in for the admitted students day are staying over night on THURSDAY...not Friday. Meaning they would be arriving during the day on Thursday, and during the day on...Flunk Day? I don't think so. <--They're not staying overnight. It's just an admitted student day. Can I give you exact years? No, but ask the Seniors 'cuz they know best. It's gonna be HUGE. <--Yes, they are staying overnight in various dorms and in the admission suite, because it's admitted students day and since they can't stay over night on Friday, they come on Thursday, stay over night, do stuff on Friday, and then leave. So unless all of the prospies who have talked to individual students about coming on Friday (or Thursday) are all part of a big conspiracy, I'm guessing it's not going to be Flunk Day.

-An alumnus reports his fave Knox memory is his FIVE flunk days, once as a prospie. Said alumnus is now a trustee. Roping in prospies with an extra Flunk Day with hopes for Alumni Hall?!

-Something suspicious was overheard by a student working in Admissions... "The hotel rooms have been taken care of for tomorrow." Possible that the overnight students who are supposed to sleep over are staying in a hotel instead? Note: Families might stay in hotels, but Admissions doesn't plan that for them. <--In the C-store earlier tonight, when an overnight host asked an admissions student worker about details on her prospie, the student deflected the question with an abrupt and mysterious "I don't know. Don't worry about it." This person isn't usually taciturn...suspicious? I think VERY <--are you talking about Hayley? She was totally bullshitting. Flunk Day isn't tomorrow.

-Ginny Graves sent notes to random people who did the Assassins game planning a "scare" for Wednesday night. Ginny is practically in charge of Flunk Day AND this is what they did last year... Planned a "scare" then it really was Flunk Day. It IS Flunk Day tomorrow.

-Seniors are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to come out for Senior Meeting tonight... abduction?

10:30pm: Flunk Day Planners Martha, Jenni and Ginny seen stress eating in the Gizmo. Britt Anderson was not eating--everyone knows she loves to eat--something's up.

SPOTTED: JNef in Founders attempting to unzip her jacket to show off her "friar" t-shirt, but failing miserably while she and Ginny both proclaim that tomorrow is flunk day. (10:50pm) Shenanigans!

10:52pm: Loud yelling heard coming from the betta house. Tomorrow is for sure Flunk Day!

-All campus email about a new printer in GDH? TOTAL DEFLECTION! TOMORROW IS FLUNK DAY! <--SELF EDIT! Apparently it didn't go out to all of campus. It did, however, go out at 10:30 PM. Here's the email:

Please join us in George Davis Hall on Earth Day, Thursday, 4/22 10:00am - 12:00pm and 1:00pm - 3:00pm to view new printer technology!

The Xerox ColorQube is the most environmentally friendly piece of copy/print equipment on the planet. This is truly an amazing piece of equipment, and we want to share this new green technology with everyone during this special week. See how the ColorQube's revolutionary solid ink technology cannot only help you be green, but save you some green as well!

Xerox representatives will be present to discuss this equipment and if you are a part of a Green Solutions Expo, the Sustainability Committee, and anyone wanting to celebrate 30 years of Earth Day they would like to speak with you.


BERTL awarded the ColorQube 9200 Series multifunction printer a 5-Star "Exceptional" rating, noting the device’s vibrant image quality, reasonable print productivity and excellent ease of use.

September 2009 Sheryl Nyman, Lab Manager

-It's a printer. An email went out over a printer = NOT ANYTHING TO DO WITH FLUNK DAY!!! However, I think it's very awesome, Go Knox environmental friendliness!


RIGHT NOW: People are drunk. Tomorrow is Flunk Day. <--People are always drunk, like Zak Khan so it doesn't mean it's Flunk Day... unless you live everyday of your life like it's Flunk Day.

12:12am: Make a wish. Tomorrow will be Flunk Day with enough wishes.<--It's 11:11 when you make a wish. Lolz.


1:35am Can I haz Flunk Day?

5:00am Martha Baumgarten and Britt Anderson (Flunk Day Planners) were spotted heading to Seymour...hmmmmmm.

5:01am Security drove by mudpit.

5:07am Security drove by mudpit again.

5:58am Lame ass-scare wakes everyone up.

-Maybe it's because I go to sleep at 4, but none of the scares have woken me up yet.

11:37pm Random stars were drawn around campus sidewalks with the unusual number "73" written in them.

11:45pm Group with guitar were roaming around campus singing.

April 21, 22, and 23[edit]

-Flunk day can't be this week; the college wouldn't risk their precious campus getting destroyed before admitted students day. <--Perhaps it's a fake admitted students day? <--Not possible. After all the calls students make about it? <--Remember last year when Flunk Day was on the day of the APO Blood Drive and APO had it all organized only for the planners to secretly cancel it behind their backs? It could happen again.<--Flunk Day will absolutely not be anytime before the admitted students day. It's neither fake nor the same kind of event as the blood drive. <--It won't happen ON admitted students day, but BEFORE is totally okay.

-Flunk Day is not this week. The Admissions Office HATES knowing when Flunk Day is, and therefore, would not make their own lives harder by scheduling an entire fake admitted students day. Plus, there are at least 10-15 people staying overnight on Thursday. Thus, no Flunk Day that day.


1:21am It's quiet, TOO QUIET.... tomorrow HAS TO BE IT.

-Pie a Pi Phi has been postponed till the 26th, could this be FLUNK DAY? <-- No, that's just because it was raining and all the whipped cream would just be washed off our faces and then people would be said that their efforts to pie us came to nothing.

April 24/Rowdy Gentlemen Who Scream "It's Not Flunk Day!" @ 7:30 AM[edit]

According to sources close to the residents of Conger/Neal (who are tired of the rowdiness of the Rowdy Gentlemen AKA the SNUs who are currently residing or squatting at the SNU house) instigated a false alarm scare of their own today at around 6 am.

One of the Conger/Nealians says a SNU emerged with a super soaker. Apparently this super soaker was empty. Womp, Womp.

Monday, April 26[edit]


Where did everything just go? Um confirmation that this is totally the day of FLUNK!? I think so.

Nothing says Flunk Day can't be on a Monday. <-- Flunk day will probably not be a Monday, because then everyone would just keep partying through Tuesday. (Come on, how many people have Tuesday classes?) It is more likely that it'll be a Tuesday. <-- What about partying through Wednesday to Thursday then? The only fact is that Flunk Day will never be on a Friday...<--Thursdays are normally "lab" days. You can assume that anyone who is taking a class in SMC this term, will have class on a Thursday.<-- When Flunk Day falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, many people do not go to their W/F classes, so this is a moot point. In the end, classes are the last things on most minds.

Rumors from a staff member who heard it from an alumn who heard it from a dentist who heard it from your mom place Flunk Day either today or tomorrow. <--An elaboration on this story is that, in theory, the food is only able to be kept a few days beforehand. <--Sam Martone says he has heard this story debunked by several people, they have pointed out that there doesn't need to be more food for Flunk Day than any other day.<-- They have different food not available on normal days in such high quantities, such as the breakfast sandwiches juice boxes and milk cartons as well, as water bottles and other portable necessities. There is DIFFERENT food than usual people, that's why this was/is such a big deal.<--Food currently in the freezer is for LincolnFest, not Flunk Day. Flunk Day food was only ordered yesterday.

Jenn Snider reported saying she "would cry" if it is today... could those be tears of joy? <--No, tears of agony since club budgets are due Wednesday and the Finance Committee she advises is meeting Monday night to hammer through the 50 some club budgets... if Flunk Day is Monday then Tuesday would be crunch time. <--Jenn is going to be crying tears of whatever SINCE FLUNK DAY IS MONDAY!!!!

12:36pm: Got Milk? Organic valley shipment of milk. Was that a bottle of milk or a pony? Flunk day is tomorrow bitches!!!

Sometime after noon: Doug Fennig says that Flunk day is not Monday, but maybe Tuesday instead. Then says that is Monday. It's totally monday. Doug would never lie.

All of Elder Basement making chicken noises. It must be Flunk Day.

3:33pm 6 large unmarked trunks exited into galesburg right before me off of 74. I followed them and they pulled into the best western. Keep watching!!! <--Has ANYONE confirmed this? <--CONFIRMED!!!!!!!<--PICTURES.<---- How about you post pictures if you have them.

Monday, April 26, 2010 9 events Time Event Location All Day Pre-enrollment for Fall 2010 Knox College 5:00 PM Alpha Sigma Alpha Informal Recruitment Compass Room 6:30 PM Badminton Club Fieldhouse 7:00 PM Galesburg Community Chorus rehearsals Jay Rehearsal Hall, Center for the Fine Arts 7:00 PM Lo Nuestro General Meeting Casa Latina 7:30 PM Student Health Advocacy Group Meeting The Human Rights Center, Galesburg 8:00 PM Common Ground Meeting Human Rights Center 8:00 PM History Club Meeting Common Room, Old Main 9:00 PM Circle K Meeting Ferris Lounge, Seymour Hall

None of the above events on the calendar make a difference if it's Flunk Day get excited!<--Exactly. All of these "events" actually support Flunk Day being this day, because they are all unimportant compared to games/field trips/wtfever.

Who is going to make a wikifire photo diary of the evidence hunt tonight? Better question: Who is going on an evidence hunt tonight? <--I'm going on a hunt tonight. You will not see me, however; I will be in full camo. Any lesser degree of badassery would not please the Flunk Gods.

There is a new plant on the Gizmo patio. Also, Pam was in the cafeteria. OMGZTOMORROWISFLUNKDAYZZZZZZZ.

Jenn Snider was in her office today working. On a Sunday? Unless she is trying to be the new president of the college working on a Sunday makes no sense. <-- Apparently there was a TRIO event going on where she was helping out<-- Likely Story.

Ginny Graves did not attend chapter today... TOMORROW IS FLUNK DAAAAYYYYY!<-- But JNef was at chapter... wouldn't they both be gone if it was Flunk Day? <--Maybe not- JNef shows to throw us off.... also secret Funk Day Planner Jessi was also not present. TMRW IS FLUNK DAY!!! <---Britt Anderson was also not at Chapter

It's rainy START DIGGING THE MUD PIT!!!<-- The mud pit has been dug. It looks FANTASTIC! Great job C/N! <---Ditto!

Just talked to Quick Sam and he is expecting a "Big Day" of alcohol sales on Monday.

This just in. TKS is working on an article regarding the lack of transparency and the anonymity present on the Wiki Fire board. Debbie Southern is quoted as having nothing to say. Two Knox students have already promised to have an open forum regarding Transparency on the Wiki Fire. Also being promised, the forum will go longer than needed and reportedly will focus on talking in circles. The art department and Guerilla theater are already planning strange and unmoving pieces of "performance art" for the Old Main Lawn <--THIS IS HUGE <--This is not true; I work for TKS and we are not running a story about that. At least, I don't think we are. <---I hope this is true because this is hilarious

Two forum planning students have confirmed that a second forum will convene. A panel is being formed to discuss the benefits of talking in circles. Could this be a plot for collecting the Friars?<--And have it completed by tomorrow? No way <--How long do you think it takes to gather people?

Martha (Flunk Day planner) is gone for the weekend and will not be returning until late monday... she wouldnt miss Flunk Day <--Flimsy excuse. Being out of town until "late monday" could just be intentionally misleading. Also, since when does the entire day require a single person?

It doesn't matter where people were or were not. It matters where they ARE. Right now. Until much later. Find them. Watch them. Do you know Seniors? Watch them. Do you have high tech GPS tracking devices? USE THEM!<--See, this is how people develop a creepy image. Does flunk day warrant legitimate stalking?

I just saw PETE WENTZ of Fall Out Boy spotted at Jimmy John's ordering a #6. TMRW IS FLUNK DAY!!!

There is no such thing as Flunk Day. It's all a scare to make students not study, and fail exams (like the one in Scott Sunderland's class monday) Flunk Day is Wednesday. <--First that test is easy, second Flunk Day is REAL and BE PREPARED CAUSE IT'S THE 26th!!!! Tank wrote this^, and he is stupid. Tomorrow is Flunk Day

Pete Wentz!? *Phish* I just saw Brian Wilson walking a dog down Monmouth Boulevard. It is Flunk on the beach, after all. That guy really gets around.....

While making my stirfry Keith confirmed that tommorow is indeed flunk day!!!

Henry also said tomorrow is Flunk Day.

Just in! Abe Lincoln and Stephen Douglas impersonators were spotted inside the Broadview Cafe eating a Horseshoe and Mexican Skillet. When asked why they were staying at the Ramada Inn "Douglas" claimed that he has an engagement at Knox on Monday. "Lincoln" told me to go to Romantix and buy some rush.

8:59pm Lots of mysterious trucks drove past campus down south street <-- OMG TRUCKS. With only two major highways it's impossible that Galesburg ever experiences trucks!

Has anyone seen Ginny Graves or the potential Senior friar candidates?

Around 9pm Senior David Plott seen leaving Tompkins 5 in a hurry. Lights were left on (he loves the environment). No Cellular device left (Always leaves his cell). His mouse was not put away (its always put back). Possible Friar? <-- Proof? THIS COULD BE HUGE.

4:36: Trucks seen at rest stop in Moline which got off at exit 54 and parked in gravel lot in Knoxville. Photo evidence. Flunk day? <---THIS COULD BE HUGE!!! http://www.thewikifire.org/index.php?title=Image:Flunk.jpg <-- Compacted because A) it was too big and B) it is fake <-----UH...what was the weather today folks? raining and gray...this is not recent....we are being hoodwinked!<----Your drunk! It was sunny all day in Knoxville... My camera's clock must have stopped running...Of course they sell corn dogs at flunk day...<---I am not drunk, thanks for your input...Moline is only 30 minutes from Galesburg and it was gray as hell all day... therefore I'm calling your bluff. Offer proof that the weather was nice there and I'll be all for believing you.

<-- This picture should be much larger for me to objectively decide. <-- Meta Data on photo says taken in 08.... And Food Fair items wouldn't be used on Flunk Day.... It clearly sells corn dogs

Just back from Post 8 Recon and alcohol run. Whoever posted about the 6 "unmarked" trucks at Best Western... FUCKING FAIL!!! The 6 unmarked trucks are Halliburton trucks carrying huge ass industrial pumps and were at the Holiday Inn. However, there were a few suspicious trucks at the hotel on the square with Missouri plates. We also hit the hotels out by the Sandburg Mall. There is one suspicious trailer and another flatbed carrying large livestock panels. Petting zoo maybe? Discuss... The real question is, why would you not take/post pictures? Someone should take a note from the old '09 page.

<---- Cody Engle has a huge horse monster c***, which means FLUNK DAY IS DEFINITELY TODAY.

<--- 10:15pm, Helmut seen entering the caf through the loading dock. Looked over his shoulder to see if anyone was watching (luckily i'm as stealthy as a cat and hid in a nearby bush). Couldn't take a picture though, it was too dark. <---- proof? <----- CONFIRMED. I saw it too. Will upload pic immediately. <----- he wouldn't come in this early <---- unless it really is FLUNK DAY!! <----- i saw this too. confirmation numero tres. GET YOUR FLUNK DAY STASHES IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!<--Do they automatically transfer the phones over after hours or would it ring until the answering machine picked up? You can try calling dining services(the caf, not the office) to see if he's there(and would answer).

At around 9pm, Neal was seen going into the mailroom. On a Sunday...? <--- FLUNK DAYYYYY


<--- Jamie Galante says it's Flunk Day. She never lies. FLUNK DAY.<-----Gingers are 1) not people 2) stupid

FLunk Day is like Christmas when you're 8, how will I ever fall asleep???

Ginny Graves doesn't exist.

Both Britt and Martha (flunk day planners) were gone this weekend, but have returned. Ah, resting up, perhaps?

NOTE:: Jonas Brothers van seen driving through town. Potential flunk day performers? I think so! FLUNK DAY.

Any Seniors gone missing yet???<---Yes. I am missing. <--- According to an earlier post, David Plott is missing.

Azim is having a party at his place--- ITS FLUNK DAY!

Dining Services workers were overheard on Friday telling student workers that Monday might be Flunk Day.

Felipe Borman is Sober.........It cant be Flunk Day..!

The people upstairs in Tompkins are talking. Normally they just stomp around loudly and have sex, so this is a sure sign that tomorrow is flunk day. File:Http://www.thewikifire.org/index.php?title=Image:DSC 0104.JPG

10:38pm - Lights on in mailroom. Upon further investigation, person is seen behind mailboxes working in the mailroom

11:15 PM: All of Elder Basement making chicken noises. It must be Flunk Day. <-- CONFIRMED!

Roger Taylor was reported stating in the Dean of Students office that he has trustees coming in on monday . . . FAKE TRUSTEES!?!?!

- Pam Schuller and Randy Geary are both on campus until monday. They have both conceded to not knowing anything about flunk day. Sodium Pentothal questioning soon to follow. . ..

10.38 - Light is on inside the CTL - what is John Haslem planning?^^

10:40 - Helmut's truck is still parked outside <--Helmut dont drive a truck<-- "don't drive" ... nice grammar. And I believe he does.

10:40pm - Beta seen putting black garbage bags up over windows.<--They're just too cheap to buy curtains! They don't know when it is

10:46 - Suspicious whistling heard near apartments.

10:48 - Seniors buying alcohol at Quickie

10:50 - Ruckus at Fiji. Members are playing games on porch. Talk about tomorrow being flunk day overheard. It was also ascertained that Martha took the late train back.

11:00 - Several seniors seen sprinting across campus. Several more piled into a car in the loading dock.

11:15 - group of senior SNU's seen leaving the house together

11:18 - Fayne is sitting in his car with several other people waiting at the loading dock.

pics or it didn't happen!

11:40 - I-house residents are going crazy...Avi seems super positive.....its Flunk Day...

11:41 - John Williams is attending Boobquake.... its Flunk Day

Rafay Khan not studying on a Sunday night-- IT HAS TO BE FLUNK DAY!!!!<--He has a math quiz tomorrow too ...

Micheal Tam sitting naked on the hamblin balcony.... <----- Irrelevant. Michael Tam is always naked.

CONFIRMATION IN THE FORM OF MAILROOM PROOF! check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMF0E-wU0Us <--- isn't it locked? <----Yeah, that's me blithering on in the background. Confirmed.<--FYI Neal is the APO advisor and is always on campus sunday nights Flunk day! don't you hear the trains???? plus all of i-house went out to buy boozzee...

Very convincing video. Whoever did this deserves a high five. How did you get in the mail room, though?

Yes the doors are locked. we are standing at the base of the stairs at the doors right before the bookstore. I just zoomed in majorly. :) <---- Those windows are wired, you can't just zoom in, they were in the mailroom.

The video is clearly staged. If it is as they say filmed through the window, where are the wires for the security glass? The perspective doesn't match with the claim that it was zoomed in either. Don't blow your load over a silly youtube video. And if it were real, why would the poster post it anonymously? Or was it you?

update! Betas seen at walmart and walmart manager proclaims tomorrow is flunk day! <--Betas are just alcoholics, that is what they do on Sunday nights!!!

12:02 - Movement spotted inside the mail room. TOMORROW IS DEFINITELY FLUNK DAY!<----yeah, you're majorly late to the party. Watch the damn video.

12:06 - I just told campus safety that I needed to check my mailbox for grad school application EMERGENCY! When I opened my Kbox I saw a flier and it said "Gotcha." Sadly, I don't think it's flunk day tomorrow. <----Unfortunately, I believe you. Can we have a photo proof though :( <---but why would campus safety succumb to this request if it was flunk day? the reasoning is flimsy. there's no mail on sunday, so why would there be anything new between when the mailroom closed and now?<--- Good point, but why would someone lie about it NOT being flunk day. That's not in the Knox spirit, if you ask me.<--(12:57PM) it is not the Flunk spirit. But there is no way Campus Safety would let us into the mail room this late at night, regardless of the excuse. The grad school application would be able to wait six hours. Also, if you look very closely at what's being stuff, it's not a flier they are stuffing in the mail box. If you look at the folding motion, and the thickness of the material being stuffed, it comes out to roughly be about what a Flunk Day Newspaper would be. I'm just saying. Watch the video again. <--Also, PICS OF THE FUCKING FLIER OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN, BITCH. <-- It is also completely unrealistic that Neill would let someone into the mailroom to stuff mailboxes with "Gotcha" flyers on a Sunday night. I work in the mailroom and know how strict he is during a regular WEEKDAY about actual flyers that go out. This is fake.

12:09AM: can we get names of people who shot the video? or else i'm positive it was staged by FD planners. sounds a lot like jnef...

video is (not)dumb, they said they shot it from outside and zoomed in, those windows are wire reinforced, i see no non focused wire in the picture.<--video is legit, there were about ten of us there.<---Video is legit. Camera smushed against glass, zoomed in epically, big spaces between wires, camera gets past them. Bitches.

12:15AM Sam Martone's facebook page, a clearinghouse of flunk day information, has disappeared from facebook. Forces more powerful than us are moving. <---- Sam Martone planned on taking down his own facebook page during a really good scare, 10 bucks this was posted by Sam Martone<---Yeah I'm pretty sure Sam Martone is just messing with us. That's just like something he would do.<--Yeah Sam Martone doesn't know anything really.

Also, the trucks last year were camped out at the train station.

12:20AM I am a senior. I got a text inviting me to be a friar. I might not do it because I'm supposed to show up sober.<--- not legit

12:19 AM Senior Heather Kopec returns to Tompkins apartment somewhat sneakily with one less person in her car then when she left. Also with booze. And her hoodie up. Why hoodie up when you have such fine hair.

More video proof that it is flunk day! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTFWmdvBbZE<--- Obviously, a video of Union Board adviser Jenn Snider and Flunk Day Planner Ginny Graves.

Kristin Mcdonald has been running around seymour on a rampage. She ran to the quickie and returned with lots and lots of booze, its flunk day. Kmac is a beast....she always knows what's up.<----------Also, a dumb freshman who thinks flunk day is everyday.


12:42 - Someone heard yodeling across from SMC. Also screaming. Perhaps she was hit with FLUNK!!!!!!!!

12:46 - Large group of people seen eating shit tons of psychedelic mushrooms! Flunk Day while tripping balls?!

12:48 - The Wiki Fire and Facebook are too quite for it to potentially be flunk day tomorrow. <----QUITE so. <---- Hope that was sarcasm cause everyone and their mama are on facebook...yeah i would know cause my mama and i are on...and yes, it is flunk day tomorrow!

12:55 - I jerked off - Its Flunk Day

12:57 Text message from Roger Taylor. Flunk Day was yesterday, April 25th. It was just really lame. <-- CONFIRMED.

12:55 - I jerked off.. Twice - Its Flunk Day

12:56 - Townies are acting very strange. They were congregating at the quickie and seemed to be multiplying by the minute. Its a fact that Flunk Day drives townies wild.

12:57 - Betas proclaim its Flunk Day.. No choice now it has to be <-----Derek Larosa also seen buying Rush.<---if it is indeed flunk day DO NOT let him drink any more rush! it was bad enough the first time... <---- I heard his eyes were yellow the next day. But don't worry, he has been quoted saying, "Dude, it's ok, brah. I do this shit all the time!" <----- Again Betas are all drunks. Every day is flunk day for them. <-------- DUDE DRANK THE RUSH!!!!!! IT'S FLUNK DAY!!!!

1:00 AM-Group of Friars spotted outside Post.

1:05- Heather Kopec isnt answering her phone. She has been spotted walking hood up towards Seymour with a bottle in hand.


12:59- Men who live next to old phi delt house are now grilling. What does this mean? Probably nothing, but could be HUGE.

12:30ish am: I was out on unsuccessful booze run we spotted this truck on Carl Sandburg Drive. I grabbed this pic with my phone. It looked like it was loaded with stage equipment... http://www.thewikifire.org/index.php?title=Image:Flunkday%3F.jpg <---Unsuccessful booze run at Wal-Mart confirmed. Sorry guys, that looked like it sucked.

Post 8 just got out of an intense meeting. They're starting Flunk Day tomorrow since our RA is drunk apparently. Come on over ready to play Indian. Beware, "Matt" will be here. Mojo come play.

<-----Those guys are legit

Just in! Flunk Day friars are to meet at Yellow Apt 1 and 5 at 3:30. <------- Proof? <--- I got it to <--- but apparently you don't "get" grammar... <--Fail. That's a spelling error, nothing to do with grammar<--- Tool. you are probably one of those people that don't drink on flunk day.


Flunk Day edidion of TKS: it says "Monmouth Student" with "Student" upside down, and there is a story on vampires. <---And flunk day armadillos! <---Monmouth student scare. Bagpipes heard in the distance. HUGE!!!<---CONFIRMED!!!

12:40 am - cody dailey seen wearing team cody t shirt. it's flunk day!

1:17 - THIS JUST IN! Breaking footage from the caf. Helmut? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ <----- Holy shit, it's Flunk Day!!!! Bravo whoever did this. You just rick rolled the whole campus <------FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

BLUE GMC SAFARI VAN spotted driving accross lawn 3 days ago was seen again tonight. It looks similar to this GMC safari van that was seen 3 days before the last flunk day pictured here: http://www.cars-on-line.com/35600/96gmc35687-1.jpg and witnessed by this chicken on a unicycle: http://www.balladyre.com/kotf/pics/chickenonaunicycle.jpg

1:20 - Slenderman has confirmed that Flunk Day is today! But he might call it off because SOMEONE provoked him. <---Cthulu has confirmed.

Suspected Flunk Day entertainment seen on main st...http://www.pawnation.com/2010/04/23/beluga-whale-shows-painting-passion/?icid=main%7Cmain%7Cdl3%7Clink4%7Chttp://www.pawnation.com/2010/04/23/beluga-whale-shows-painting-passion/ <--what is this, "the onion"?

Tiffany Morgan and Kostanca Dhima confirm it is flunk...IT MUST BE!!! <---This is HUGE (Thats what she said)!!! They know their shit!

1:36AM--Flunk Day speculation conversation via texts with a senior is mysteriously cut short when the senior says: "I'm going to bed. Good night!"

1:39 - The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. <---Enemies of the heir, beware.

Party at Tompkins 3!!! <---Ok now it's really flunk day!!!! <--- Security spotted at Tompkins...it is really flunk day! Security delivers noise complaint; leaves with "have fun!" Will do.

1:48 - Overheard in the area of the Tompkins Apartments: Incomprehensible squealing, car door slam.

I'M PREGNANT WITH FLUNK DAY'S BABIES!!!!!!! <-----Babies aren't real, they come from storks. Disproved.

1:50 Two subjects seen entering Hamblin (where Jessi Chan lives) wearing black sweat pants, hoodie, and sunglasses. One appeared to be Ginny Graves!

2:01 a.m. Dining service ladies leaving the parking lot!<---That's because the Gizmo closed at 1 and it takes them until 2 or 2:30 to finish closing. I know the supervisors that were closing tonight and talked to them on the loading dock around this time.

2:17 a.m. 3 of the 4 galesburg hotels have almost no cars but one has over 30. Coincidence? I think not. Also, velocoraptors.

Dan Pers just Dan Pers'd his way out of his apartment while Adam Soto was scream vomiting. Flunk Day or just drank too much rush?!

Hosu Klessig seen running and dancing outside of Exec...oh wait that's normal it's not FLUNK DAY!!!!!

Ramya charging her camera's battery drunk...Must be Flunk Day!!!

Yellows apartments just blew up! where will the friars meet now??? <----- I think you mean that it's BLOWING UP! SHIT IS OFF THE CHAIN!

Three Campus Security guards were heard singing outside of the Quickie- HUGE!!!!

Let's keep the Flunk Day Spirit boys and girls! Get dirty in the mud pit.

2:17 Sam Martone back on facebook with a status of "Happy Flunking" and his new Flunk Day projection is "Today?!"

2:18 - Campus security removing all townies from campus. Must be FLUNK DAY!

Video blog of Xavier Romano confirming today is flunk day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJdQ8LO6bcQ&feature=related <--- THIS IS HUGE! 2:30 - Health screenings have been scheduled for all week for Knox health plan participants in Seymour.

    Maybe next week(may 6th) Mr. Insider

We got townies all over the fuckin place <---- Reason why the school is falling apart?

Xavier Romano seen on campus! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B5pE1DEHyk <--- So, Xavier Romano left Knox because he's having a (watermelon) baby? <--- I don't think you're looking at the right video. No watermelons here.

2:34 Car seen driving through apartment parking lot. FLUNK DAY.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEIaPSojGFE.....This is the Proof!!<---- This is unpleasant.

2:43- Aly Moser not answering texts on her Crackberry. <--- Well, it is almost 3.

Plan of attack: 1. prepare for flunk day 2. enjoy flunk day 3.????? 4. Profit!!

2:48 - Real police arrive at yellow apartments. To avoid spending flunk day in prison, party has been moved to exec 107!

2:49 - Real police cruise by campus apartments. Gaby Fox arrested.

2:55 Prepare the blood pit!!!

3:06- Popped over to quickie for flunk stuff, when questioned regarding abnormal amounts of alcohol purchases for a sunday, the clerk (who shall remain anonymous) let slip that the flunk is on.

There WILL NOT be a Flunk Day Naked Party at Humor House today.

3:20- Still doing homework. Need more proof. Kthxbai.

3:40- The flunk day number for friars is actually 309-341-8180!

3:59- Spice Girls getting back together. FLUNK???


4:01 am - Friars are wearing orange wristbands!

4:04 - Fuck the Fire.

4:49am Campus security parked in quads loading dock, btw good job on the rick roll.. haha

4:50 - I've seen the Flunk Day edition of TKS with my own eyes. Seen it! A gangly senior from Iowa who shall remain nameless ran away with it.

5:09 - no sign of FD email <-- this could be HUGE, or NOT (if this happens NOT to be FD, the day will go down in history as the best FALSE FLUNK DAY EVERRRRRR)

5:15 - 2 Knox security officers who work days on weekends just walked by Seymour

If we all make it Flunk Day, who will stop us?! THIS YEAR WE MAKE THE FLUNK!!

5:31 Activity at SNU. Will they yell "It's not Flunk Day" even on flunk day?

5:40 It's ON!!!!! 2 friars just admitted to mailroom!!

Security rolls up to quad loading dock, both get out, then back in car, drive off.

5:41 Music coming from FIJI!

Campus Safety is patrolling the Mud pit. FLUNK DAYYY!

My genitals are engorged with blood. FLUNK DAY!

5:45am Friars in Wilson house, campus security knows they're there but don't crash their meeting, must be real friars. plus swiss valley truck here, do we get swiss valley ever?!? Security driving around smiled at me and my friends too. Some seniors confirmed flunk is today! FLUNK DAY FTW!

5:47am Confirmation email HAS BEEN SENT. Happy Flunk Day!!!

Flunk Day on a Monday!?!?!? Inconceivable!

WHAT 9,000?!!!!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!


Tuesday, April 27[edit]

Again, dentist story is circulating.

Also, note rumor about overhearing security guards placing Flunk Day today. I've found a reasonably strong case that Flunk Day is Today. It is well-known that fake events are often added to throw off accurate predictions. Noting this, if you look at the schedule on the Knox site for the 27th [1] , you will note that there is a Softball game at 3:00 and 5:00 at Eureka College. Knowing that fake games have been created before, I looked on the Eureka College site. Their softball schedule [2] has no mention of any game with Knox after April 9th, let alone on the 27th. Yes, it could be a mistake, but note that the 2 games on the 27th are separately posted, making a mistake less likely and malicious intent more probable. <--- Wow you fail, there is totally a game against Knox at both 3:00 and 5:00 against Knox on the Eureka site schedule [3]. I figured out why you were wrong, you were looking at the 2009 schedule and results, not the 2010 schedule.<-- Tsk, you ruin my fun. ;P

Alicia is totally in her room making up stories about going to get more whiskey!!! We know she's a friar! ITS FLUNK DAY <--- You're an idiot Sean.

Wednesday, April 28[edit]

Facilities members suspect this day?

2 possible conflicts (though not necessarily excluding this day) are a confirmed home baseball game and the McNair Fellow Proposal Presentations. Numerous residents in Hamblin Apartments woke up on April 25th with "Wendísimo" written on their dry erase boards. As mostly seniors live in Hamblin, could this made up word be a hint that Flunk Day is on Wednesday??

Thursday, April 29[edit]

Nothing has really been said about this day. <--- I have an exam, Flunk Day has to be today. The Men's Golf Team will be at Conference in Rockford. Flunk Day is not today.<-- Golf has been screwed before, it can be screwed again. <---not twice in three years... not to mention that it's been confirmed by a senior (as in experience, not year of college) dining services employee that flunk day is not on a day that golf is gone. BOOYAH.

Sorry but Flunk Day is Monday, the 26th.


We love gays in may.


Clearly the administration will wait until senior week to hold Flunk Day, thus saving all of those budding alcoholic underclassmen from alcohol poisoning. <--LOVES IT!

President's Circular Email Prank[edit]

The following email was (mistakenly?) sent tonight to an undisclosed list, but apparently they are recent donors to Knox.


-Hmm... I think it's time for some foot soldiers. Deploy my minions!!! Also, groom the mud pit. <-- Better be safe than sorry. That mud pit is in sad shape.

-It's a Fraud: [This is] Shopped. Grey box around lettering. I'm going to sleep. <--- Oh give me a break, those are just JPEG compression artifacts, that kind of "analysis" doesn't fly with lossy formats.

-It's Authentic: Opposite of shopped - screenshots captured and reassembled in Paint, then saved as JPG -- that's where your gray letters come in. I'd be happy to forward the original along to anyone who wants to see it.

Picture 1.jpg

-Real or fake though, that mud pit needs dug Conger/Neal. You're supposed to be on that shit by now.

-Is this Roger Taylor's goodbye prank?

-It's a Fraud: Look, guys, it's not fucking Flunk Day. What it is, is an absentee Flunk Day scare. THIS IS A MASSIVE ALUMNI CONSPIRACY, undertaken by our gone (but not forgotten) friends from 2009 who want to relive their Flunk glory as an escape from their student loans and meager employment prospects. It's next week for sure.

-It's Authentic: Flunk day IS tomorrow. This email was sent to a '93 graduate (official). FLUNK DAY!!!<-------- No way!<---------WAY! THIS IS TRUE!

-It's a Fraud: Look at the signature tag of Roger's email. Definitely not the same as previous emails he has sent out. Mailbox number is incorrect, and he always puts Roger L. Taylor '63, which does not appear anywhere in the signature. It is a hoax. Tomorrow is not Flunk Day, though I still hope it would be! <--http://www.knox.edu/About-Knox/We-Are-Knox/Our-President/2009-Presidents-Report.html That's the way the Rog always signs his letters btw.

-Point of Clarification: Why does it say circular? I thought it was President's Circle. <---- *Taken from the Knox Website* Participants in the Finley Society will be recognized for their leadership gifts to Knox with special mention in the Honor Roll of Donors, an invitation to the President's Circle reception at Homecoming, and subscription to the *PRESIDENT'S CIRCULAR*, an e-newsletter for all members of the President's Circle. \

There are 8 letters in the word flunk day. If you add together the digits of tomorrows date waht do you get????


1+5=6 and six is the last number in 26! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

Sigma Nu is planning a flunk day scare. Obviously tomorrow we will learn that it is in fact ......... NOT FLUNK DAY

Video blog of Xavier Romano confirming Flunk day is tomorrow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJdQ8LO6bcQ&feature=related