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GERM 210, also known as German Conversation and Composition, is an intermediate German language course offered at Knox. It counts for 1 credit. The course is taught by Sonja Klocke.

Course Description[edit]

Official Course Description[edit]

"Training in speaking and writing idiomatic German through exploration of current events in Europe. Course materials from German-language newspapers and newsmagazines, news broadcasts and television series. Selective grammar review. Daily writing and oral final."[1]

Credits and Prerequisites[edit]

The course is worth one credit. This course counts toward satisfying the Oral Presentation Comtepency Requirement. The course is required to complete a major in German. The prerequisite is GERM 201 or equivalent, or permission of the instructor.


  • Kaminer, Wladimir. (2002). "Russendisko." ISBN 978-3442541751.

Course Format[edit]

The course has been taught over the past several years by several different professors, but generally the class is very orally focused, with small-group work within a very small class. Review of more advanced grammar, including passive and subjunctive cases, is significant, and ditto sheets are common. The course is taught entirely in German. Often those students placed in GERM 320 attend the same class but have additional work assigned.

Course Schedule[edit]

Due to the small size of the German department, the course is offered erratically to meet demand, and not more than once per year.


Term Section Days Period Location Instructor
Winter 2008 1 TT 5 Sonja Klocke


Not offered


Term Section Days Period Location Instructor
Winter 2006 1 MWF 5 OM 311 Andrea Reimann


Term Section Days Period Location Instructor
Winter 2005 1 MWF 5 GDH 309B Karl Maurer