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John Podesta graduated from Knox and went on to serve as Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff. That's how Knox got the hookup on graduation speakers like Barack Obama, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Clinton himself. The phone call to invite then Senator Barack Obama was actually made by Charles "Chuck" F. Smith '84, not John Podesta.

While in Washington D.C. over the summer, Alex Enyart ran into John Podesta at The Center for American Progress, the progressive think-tank Mr. Podesta runs. Alex asked Mr. Podesta about a rumor Peter Schwartzman had told him that John Podesta had been the biggest hell raiser Knox has ever seen. Mr. Podesta quickly confirmed this allegation with pride.

He was chairman of Hilary Clinton's 2016 Presidential campaign and had thousands of personal emails leaked by WikiLeaks, including several hundred Knox emails [1] and his secrets to killer risotto.