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The Meal Plan is a clever way of converting real dollars into "Dining Dollars;" a form of currency which students never hesitate to spend as it is not "real money." This attitude towards dining dollars also makes the reaming students receive at the C-Store more bearable.

Getting off board[edit]

If you do not wish to pay for a meal plan, you better have cancer. Getting off board is ridiculously difficult, even if you have a doctor's note.


Be prepared to lie. It is the only way to escape paying piles of money for food that will kill you and is never open when you are hungry. And do not feel bad about it. If the school wants to create a system where they try to force you to pay them tons of money for food you do not want, and you can only get out of this system by lying, then it is morally acceptable to lie. The school should allow for a more honest option, such as, "I don't want your food."


Be prepared to steal. The smallest number of meals you're going to be able to purchase is 75, at about $8 each. If you cannot eat that much money's worth of cafeteria food in a term, don't feel bad for trying to make up the difference with the help of a big backpack and lots of Tupperware.

If you are really into the cafeteria's cookies(which you shouldn't be), the whole tray can easily be stuffed into one of the bread bags and put inside a backpack.