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Conger-Neal is full of mud. It will always be full of mud. On that great day each Spring, it is the Prometheus that brings muddy glory to the Quad.

Before 2006, the building was used as housing for upperclassmen. However, overcrowding in the incoming 2007 first-year class caused many rooms in Conger-Neal to be inhabited by first-years. That's okay, because there's plenty of room for upperclassmen in Furrow.

On Flunk Day 2007, someone trashed the suite in Neal 3, nearly killing a hamster named Prince Chivalry and causing headaches for all. The attackers were thought to be a crowd of drunken sorority girls, though no one knows for sure. Many believe the culprit to be Muhibo Sharif-Sidi.

This hall is perhaps best known for its responsibility over one of Knox's greatest non-sanctioned traditions: the Flunk Day mud pit. It's the hall for those sophomores and juniors who like to push the envelope with such antics as water fights. Also known as "Detroit" or "The D" for the crazy shit that goes on sometimes. In 2007, several students rumored to live in Conger 2 appeared in the Campus Safety Log for torching a sofa outside the Knox Bowl. A tiki torch was confiscated by police and analyzed for fingerprints.

Neal 1 and Conger 2 were responsible for Flunk Day 2007's mud pit. It was a blast.

As of 2020 it is now the Covid dorm


Residents of Conger-Neal are guardians of the Mud Pit. As Guardians, they must take the Mud Pit Protection Oath.