Seymour 3

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Seymour 3 is the third floor of Seymour Hall, which, unlike Seymour 2, is divided into two sections: Seymour 3A and Seymour 3B. The third floor is also an entirely male residence hall. It has one shared bathroom, one common room and smells funny. In prior years, Seymour 3 was referred to as "Jamaica", due to a certain smell.

Just like its companion, Seymour 2, the third floor of Seymour is a male only dorm, a reliable source of mayhem, and a target for fraternity recruitment.

Although it is debated, Seymour 3 (3b in particular) may be the most effective place for freshman corruption to occur. When asked about Seymour two, the best adjective given by residents of 3 about their counterparts was, "nerdy". The Seymour Wars, have continued and will continue for many more years.