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Anthropology and Sociology, known informally as ANSO, is a course of study offered through the Anthropology and Sociology Department. It includes the Anthropology and Sociology major and minor. The department is located on the third floor of GDH.


This is a rather idyllic department, known for the unmatched camaraderie among its professors and students.


Among the intriguing characters who can be seen here are Professor Jon G. Wagner (easily spotted in tie-dye or batik shirts, this gent has a certain spring in his step, and a twinkle in his eyes) and Professor Nancy Eberhardt (dressed in earthy tones and beaten metal earrings, a smile rests easily on her lips).


Odd students too have been associated with this department that seems to nurture some of the brightest and most peculiar at Knox. Themba Benedict Mabona, who wore his head of curly hair and his velvet trousers with a grace unknown in the greater Midwest, found friends and admirers in this department. Sean Dowdy: the Buddhist Punk, the Sociologist Rocker...his adventures in Bihar would amaze the most stout-hearted. Anjali Krishan: anthropologist extrodinaire, this lass sashayed her way into all our hearts. Emily Smith: quiet and unassuming she may seem at first glance, but her pluck and intelligence soon becomes apparent. Rachana Rao Umashankar: Wannabe biker-chic, Star Trek junkie and Middle-Earthian Wizard, this geek astounded many with her passionate devotion to Durkheim, and her rendition of "Strangers in the Night".


The department used to be called "SoAn". Larry Breitborde is rumored to have changed it when he became a dean because he likes Anthropology better. Irked by this stealthy move, Bob Seibert opined that his department be re-christened the "Aardvark Department of Political Science."

In 2006, all of the AnSo professors left except Jon Wagner. Nancy Eberhardt is coming back, though.



  • Jon Wagner, Professor Emeritus (still teaches for part of the year)
  • Nancy Eberhardt, Professor, Department Chair
  • Wendel Hunigan, Lecturer
  • Gabe Raley, Associate Professor
  • Chris Connor, Visiting Professor
  • William Hope, Associate Professor
  • Jonah rubin, Assistant Professor


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Course Requirements[edit]

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