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Computer Science is a course of study offered through the Computer Science Department. It includes one major and one minor. The department is located in SMC.


In the mid 1990s, Knox's Computer Science department formally separated itself from the Mathematics department. Since that time, the department has periodically been plagued by faculty turnover. This trend has thankfully remitted in recent years.

Labs and Offices[edit]

Offices for the Computer Science department can be found on the 2nd floor of the South (E-) wing of SMC. There are also extensive labs throughout SMC.

  • Caterpillar Lab - in the basement of the South wing, featuring 20 dual-processor Linux workstations.
  • Steylles - next door to the Caterpillar Lab, and across the hall from the Computer Center.
  • The "sandbox" lab (a.k.a., the "Crash and Burn" lab) - on the north side of SMC (hidden somewhere in hyperspace between the Math Library and the window that looks out on the apartments)
  • The Little Lab - on the 2nd floor, next door to Dooley's office, which is particularly quiet and nice to work in
  • The Honors Lab - home to the Mathematica server, and lonesome Honors students

Since 2002, the faculty of the Computer Science department has primarily used Mac workstations.




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Course Requirements[edit]

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