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The hype, the hope, and the hurt, the facts and the phallices; when will you grab your 6 foot bong? When should you buy your PBR? Have you spotted Teresa Amott without her human skin? Tell us about the unicorn that galloped through the quad. Pick your outfit, fill your bottles with rum, grab a shovel and dig dig d i g

Join us. Hear the friars. Join us with pots and pans and heart and hype.

Join us.

(don't forget to hydrate.)

Join in the fun?[edit]

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the more contributors we have, the more fun it gets.

Wednesday March 21[edit]

The perfect time for flunk day is the first day back! It’s tomorrow guys!

"YOU GET NOTHING! YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY, SIR!" - - Too bad it wasn't this day.

Monday March 26[edit]

Tuesday March 27[edit]

Wednesday March 28[edit]

Thursday March 29[edit]

Friday March 30[edit]

Monday April 2[edit]

Tuesday April 3[edit]

Wednesday April 4[edit]

.For the past two years Flunk Day has been week 8. why not a early flunk this year? grab your stash and dig the pit cause its coming early this year:) .Prairie fire fest is this day.

Thursday April 5[edit]

Friday April 6[edit]

Saturday April 7[edit]

.Bob Lallky said that Flunk Day would be between Monday (April 9) and graduation.

^^^He is also in talks for bringing an entertainment act to campus for Flunk Day... rumor has it that 3OH!3, Bill Nye, and Smashmouth are being considered.

Monday April 9[edit]

Tuesday April 10[edit]

Wednesday April 11[edit]

Thursday April 12[edit]

This day is not flunk day.

Friday April 13[edit]

Just to make that willy wonka bullshit all the creepier

^^^ B I T T E R ^^^

Just overheard confirmed Flunk Day Planner say Flunk Day always happens after Admitted Students Day #2. Start getting litty Monday the 16th.

Police officer who was called to the scene of our very first flunk scare predicts Friday the 13th flunk. FLUNK DAY CONFIRMED!

Monday April 16[edit]


Flunk day planner Bob Lallky's brother AND sister celebrate their birthday on April 15. Could he be planning the most epic birthday party for them ever??

Campus has been eerily silent about Flunk Day so far... Are they messing with us? Are they going to spring it on us early??? THIS COULD BE HUGE

Tuesday April 17[edit]

Wednesday April 18[edit]

Take Back the Night March!!! Go get ready for Flunk Day by making the world a safe place

Thursday April 19[edit]

Flunk Day. 4/20. Weekend.

Senior Elise Goitia was spotted eating a lollipop and talking Wonka with a group of friends. Could they be conspiring for the Flunk?

CONFIRMED: Flunk Day is next week.

Flunk Day email sent out today!! <-- Beat me to it

[12:56 PM] Deb Southern has sent out the information email about Flunk Day. As the email states: LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!!!!

Friday April 20[edit]

We can hope, can't we?

Andrew Salemi spotted in the Campus Life Office on Thursday, April 19th, after 8:00 PM. Flunk Day Confirmed.

TWO ALUMS, notorious Matt Soup and Zane Carlson, have been spotted around campus, hinting they may be in town for a bit. Could this mean Week 6 Flunk??? *wouldn't be the first time*

UPDATE: Senior Errol Kaylor has officially titled the honored "Flunk Day fuck", or the act of having *intimate* relations with someone during Flunk Day, as "fluck", or "flucking". Could this mean we're getting closer to the day? #itsalwaystomorrow

Monday April 23[edit]

Rumor has it that legendary flunk day queen is visiting this weekend. Could she know something we don't?? Preparing for a Monday flunk! <<------ WHO? Flunk day is assuredly this day, Monday, April 23rd. <---- Jess Ranard?

Friend who works in the mailroom said she saw a big box of Flunk Day cups with "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Flunktory, April 23rd 2018"!!! This is insane! <---- pics or it didn't happen pls. Also the lawns havent even been mowed yet soooo... I dunno

CONFIRMED, the people at Green Oaks have been given the warning. F-DAY!!!!!!

It can't be this soon!! The t-shirt order form for Flunk Day hasn't been sent out yet!!<- there's a rumor that they aren't doing pre-order this year, but actually selling at Flunk Day, one less predictor the FD planners don't have to worry about.

Well it wasn't today.

This morning, the caf opened 1 MINUTE early, at 7:29AM. This means that Flunk Day MUST be in 1 DAY - TOMORROW. The caf knows. This is enormous, you guys.


Andrew Salemi looks stressed. FLUNK DAY TOMORROW

https://imgur.com/a/KAxN0x8 Andrew Salemi and Bob Lallky seen talking. What does it mean?? 🤔 <— why are you the way that you are??? Omg i love it tho<----- confirming last minute details? THIS IS HUGEEEEE

Bob Lallky spotted on a booze run!!!!!!! GET UR STASHES!

Tuesday April 24[edit]

Can't be this day. Lynette Lombard confirmed that the art department coordinated with planners because today is the Chicago field trip. <---All professors give the Flunk Day planner their important dates, but that doesn't guarantee that Flunk Day won't be on those days.

MORE SIGNIFICANTLY : It's the Almost There Fair which essentially coordinates all of the graduation/commencement stuff so they're NOT going to move that.

My dad (1983 alumnus) predicts this day for flunk. Could his mustache be hiding secrets we don't know????

Flunk Day planner Bob Lallky spotted already drinking.! <-----THIS COULD BE HUGEEEE

Bob Lalky was seen running shirtless screaming PURE IMAGINATION, Flunk Day confirmed.

Knox's Maggot says we won't miss Flunk Day this year<--- hide yo' kids hide yo' wife cuz the maggot finna come out here

1:00pm: Lawns are being cut! Flunk Day confirmed for tomorrow!

ALRIGHT PEEPS. I talked to Andrew Salemi about the tactics for flunk and he agreed to be put up here so heres what I talked about with him.

1) We read over the wiki fire and said the idea that mowed lawns = imminent flunk day was 'ridiculous'. It's a correlation to being spring term, nothing else.

2) Mail room scares just won't happen. He scoffed that he would actually mail something that was so obvious. We talked about different tactics for getting the shirts (small quantities over time or just mailing it to a different address

3) Last year people were able to figure out flunk days based off of the prospie calendar. He said that he's 'got someone in admissions' working with him to help shore up the prospie calendar.

4) Important dates aren't untouchable. He has to choose between days, so if it's between 20 students being angry or 50 then he'll choose the important day that gets 20 students angry.

yeah. do what you want with this information.

Seen on snapchat today: https://imgur.com/a/KnRmith Flunk Day tomorrow confirmed?

Wednesday April 25[edit]

Confirmed: Craig Southern heard mentioning this date.


Double Confirmed: Now the baseball game has been postponed. <-- THIS COULD BE HUGE

Ronnie caught saying yesterday that "flunk day won't happen til..." Slip up? Or fake out? Seems like he means flunk day won't be this week at least. <-------- who is Ronnie? Sounds like fake news! <--- Ronnie is one of the five people who plans Flunk Day and knows the d8, get your facts in order sweaty <---- what is Ronnie's surname?!?! <---- Ronnie Fair he's on Union Board on Flunk Day planning committee for sure. People have been trying to get him to talk for weeks this is his biggest slip up yet! Was he gonna say May????

Tennis matches that are on the Knox calendar for today do NOT appear on the other school's website!

4 perspective students are visiting this day. Not happening today <--- how definite of an indicator is this? Do the people who schedule the visits know what day is off limits for tours? <--- Allegedly, Admissions has made up fake prospective students / visits in the past <----- I REALLY don't think this matters at all. There are prospies here like every day during Spring term <———- In the past Admissions has asked for students who are willing to give tours on Flunk Day. They can’t stop prospies from coming so it doesn’t really mater if there are visitors or not

The lawns have all been mowed today. This is a good sign. Flunk Day is likely tomorrow!

-- Called the Country Inn & Suites on Henderson St. They have a room reserved for a T. Colequitt from ABC Party Rentals! Looked them up online and the company is based in Peoria. That is the company that usually sets up the rides and the ziplines! I'm pretty convinced... <-- THIS IS HUGE <--- and fake news, there is no ABC Party Rentals in Peoria!

Someone needs to go check the Country Inn & Suites parking lot tonight.

OK BUT can't be Wednesday cos like RAs have Wednesday mandatory meetings and what not??? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so probably not a Wednesday. These peeps is sticklers, my dudes. <-- Can't those be rescheduled? <---- yes those are very easily rescheduled. the Mandatory RA meeting shouldn't stop flunk day in the slightest <----- it can literally be every day but Friday (as far as we know). It was on a Wednesday in 2015.

[4:06] Currently no trucks in Country Inn & Suites lot. I'll go back and check later tonight. Will post pictures if there are any trucks. <---- Heard a rumor that FDP Bob Lallky told all trucks to park in Monmouth. Send the troops!!!! <--- I'll go to Monmouth if there aren't any trucks at Galesburg hotels.

What's up with Cate Denial's history class field trip? Is this legit? Would it be a reason why the Flunk couldn't occur on the 25th? Is the field trip actually on Thursday, not Wednesday? WE NEED ANSWERS, PEOPLE!!!!!!! <--- We leave Wednesday morning and are gone the rest of the week!

Jennifer Templeton predicts that today is the day! Seen in email to advisee.

Asked to set an appointment with the Dean for tomorrow. His assistant said no because tomorrow was going to be "Cray Cray".

[8:15] Andrew Salemi seen leaving his office looking really stressed. Could he have stayed late to get all the final touches ready for Wednesday flunk?!

[9:11pm] Any update on trucks? <— just got back from checking and there were none in Galesburg

[9:30 pm] Alumni Hall locked this early, it is usually open at this time to study? Could it be closing early for tomorrow's Flunk Day?????

[9:56 pm] Saw some trucks in Galesburg. Nome of them were marked, so they probably aren't related to flunk day. Silver trailer was at Country Inn & Suites, U Haul truck was at the Holiday Inn, and the white trailer was at the Baymont Inn. https://imgur.com/a/X9Ih73G <—- Call me crazy but this looks like last years photo?!?! If so you are a very rude upper classmen.

Tennis match on Knox’s Event calender vs. IVCC, but does not appear on IVCC’s athletic calender!! This could be HUGE!


There will be students in Washington D.C. probably no flunk :( <--- Has this stopped the flunk before???? <--- it was probably planned in advance, so they would plan around it. <--- Flunk day has fallen on the day of other events and trips before. <---- copied and pasted from above: "Important dates aren't untouchable. [Salami] has to choose between days, so if it's between 20 students being angry or 50 then he'll choose the important day that gets 20 students angry."

[11:08pm] Senior and friar Tenaya Morkner reportedly: A) made a ton of Jell-o shots and B) cancelled a BIG meeting she had planned tomorrow. Is she actually a secret planner?

UNION BOARD GOT THEIR SHIFTS FOR FLUNK DAY SO IT'S TODAY!!!!!!!! <--- does this for sure mean it's on Wednesday?<---The shift email was sent out few weeks ago <-- They got a another one today to remind them about their shifts the "if anything does happen tomorrow..." words were included.

If Flunk Day is tomorrow, I will be spending most of it doing schoolwork. Since Knox would not attack me in this fashion, I can only assume Flunk Day is not tomorrow. Wait, fuck. Attacking me in said fashion is exactly the sort of thing Knox would do. Never mind. Flunk Day confirmed


[1:37am] Trucks spotted at walmart and baseball game mysteriously cancelled

Pics? Go to sleep^ need all the rest you can get for FLUNK DAY

[4:00am] Ok so like no big deal but i just called the flunk day extension and while it says “today may fourth is flunk day” i think what it means to say is “today april 25th is flunk day” so like its been confirmed. BYE <--Flunk Day was on May fourth last year, wasn't it? <-- According to the wikifire the hotline was never made to stop saying "Today, May 4th is flunk day". Flunk Day still not confirmed<—- duh, issa joke.

[6:05am] No email has been sent yet. I'm assuming that it isn't today

[6:10 am] no email. Lets go back to sleep. Zafar is fake news

A large group of kids (they took up every table on the Gizmo patio) on some kind of field trip just arrived. Good thing this wasn't flunk day...

Thursday April 26[edit]

BIO 130 profs canceled the lab on this day. They've been pissed off in the past when flunk days fall on lab days. DO they know something we don't?????

TRiO has their Macbeth field trip to Chicago! Something to consider, though I am still a firm believer that Flunk Day is HAPPENING THIS DAY.

Softball game on the calendar - this date doesn't seem likely! <--- Athletics hasn't stopped flunk day in the past. <---- Are you referring to golf last year?

Muneeb Rehman’s Honor Project’s defense got moved from this day just now!!

Ronnie Fair (Union Board and flunk day planner confirmed) caught saying April 24th that "flunk day won't happen til..." Slip up? Or fake out? Seems like he means flunk day won't be this week at least. <-------- People have been trying to get him to talk for weeks this is his biggest spill yet! Was he gonna say May???? <--- That would make sense. Flunk day confirmed for next week? <------- sorry but I really don't think this Ronnie character is actually a FDP :/

Prof. James Mountjoy is acting REAL mysterious about this day. He's hinting that it "cannot be flunk day" due to a source that he highly trusts. When asked to elaborate, his face turned bright red. COuld this be connected to bio labs being canceled? CONFIRMED??

BREAKING: A tweet composed on May 4th, 2017 (Flunk Day 2017) by a class of 2017 alum about Smash Mouth was liked by a magician JUST EARLIER THIS MONTH. A possible clue as to this year's flunk day entertainment? <------ CONFIRMED!!

Ferris wheel on south lawn by old main. Flunk day confirmed <—pics?

Knox College Instagram posted a poll "Is Flunk Day tomorrow?" Options are "Yes" and "Yes." THIS COULD BE HUGE <--- There's no way around this, P-Bailey is ready to rumble on a Friday Flunk.

Friday April 27[edit]

Senior Sam Tatum celebrates his 22nd birthday on the 27th. First Friday Flunk EVER? THIS COULD BE HUGE!!!!!!!

Monday April 30[edit]


^^^^Confirmed ^^^^^^DOUBLE CONFIRMED ITS FLUNK DAYYYYY <---- it is on the other schedule :( https://imgur.com/a/xQNDvH4 BUT I have heard sometimes they cancel on the day of??

Eric Dickens is positive this is the day...why predict a Monday flunk when they rarely (if ever) happen? WHAT DOES HE KNOW

The temperature for this day is supposed to be 78 degrees Fahrenheit, talk about perfect weather for a Flunk! <-- That would be awesome but weather is not an indication of if flunkday will be soon.

Yet another day when Senior Libby Richmond has a conflict. Val Varanese wouldn't dare!

Andrea Ferrigno told our Printmaking class that a faculty member with insider knowledge wanted to get together Sunday night at the bars. Could the professors be pregaming for a Monday Flunk???

This date is Duane Oldfield's guess.

Senior Sam Tatum is overhead saying that 'Sean Kingston' will be performing at Flunk day 2018

Alumni Riya Tiwari tweeted hinting Monday is flunk day. Does she know something we don’t?. <——tweet confirmed. To trust the alumni or to not? <— They could be doing alumni scares<—-mind blowing idea: ALUMNI SCARES <——————————-HOW high are you right now?

Possible evidence against: retirement party (drunk kids flying around might disrupt peace), alumni lunch panel (organized by career center i think which means it might have been in the works for a while), softball game that may or may not exist (no one wants to risk drunk students on the field), and the 30th is a Monday. Any of this enough to prohibit flunk?

The Hillel Against Hate event is on this day. Would the administration let them schedule it on Flunk Day? Especially given all that's gone down recently?

Val Varanese explicitly states in track group chat: "Get ready for that Monday flunk"!!! Playing with our feelings? THIS COULD BE HUUUUUUUUGGGEEEEEE

1. The Retirement party hasn't been on the calendar that long, leading us to wonder if it could have been there long enough to impact the decision for this Flunk Date 2. Who would be more understanding of a Flunk Day cancellation of a panel.... but alumni?? 3. The softball game is fake. 4. The Administration let the problems go on this long, they'd definitely let them schedule it on Flunk Day. 4. Senior Willa Coufal has been hyping this day

[7:45pm] No trucks in hotel parking lots yet. can anyone go check later tonight? <--- Confirmed that contracts say trucks can NOT park in Galesburg. U checking outside Gburg?

[9:07 pm] Jim Huang claims its flunk day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        Twas the night before Flunk Day 

Twas the night before flunk day

when all throughout Knox,

not a creature was staring, not even the Fox.

The Wiki and Facebook both opened with care,

in the hopes that flunk day news would soon be there.

The friars were nestled all snug in their beds,

while visions of flunk day danced in their heads.

Roommate with booze, an i with my stash,

were all buckled in for this crazy ol' bash.

When out in the Quads arose such a clatter,

i sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.

Away to the window i flew in a flash,

where someone there shouted, "Get off your ass!".

The sun on top of newly made mud,

gave excitement and awe to the first years and their buds.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

but a big group of seniors, with a whole lot of cheer!

With a check to my inbox, to see what they say,

i knew in a moment it must be Flunk Day!

More rapid than eagles, the friars they came,

they whistled and shouted, and called out by name:

"Now Conger! Now Neal! Now Elder and Four name!"

oh, Post!, Furrow, and Sherwin, don't dare be lame!

To the porches with parties! To the lawn of old main!

now drink away! drink away!

Lets all go insane!!!

^^lol you copied the poem i wrote below but it's cool

[9:10 pm] Campus safety seen doing rounds in the QUAAADS!

[9:30 pm] Has there ever been a monday Flunk Day? seems unlikely. <-- It absolutely has been. My professor of Stat 200 a few years told the class that 70% of the time it falls on a monday or a wednesday. <-- Yes, there has been a Monday Flunk Day. April 18th, 2005 was one I could find.

[10:18 pm] Poll posted on the Knox College Instagram asking if Flunk Day is tomorrow.

[10:20 PM] Kati Stemple, Ex-Planner, spotted in Galesburg. Flunk CONFIRMED for Monday

[10:21 pm] Andrew Salemi sends test text to senior friars! THIS COULD BE HUGE!! https://imgur.com/aUcOsJl <—— can confirm this is hugebyou beat me to it

[11:00 pm] Bob Lallky making his flunk drink tonight

[11:37 pm] Jim Huang seen preparing his booze for the night.

[11:48 pm] Bob Lallky's roommate Marko Protic and very close friend Samir Khowaja seen drunk and belligerent outside their apartment. <-- This could be HUGE!

[11:55 pm] Bob's other roommate Ganesh Uppalapu drunk and stumbling yelling "it's fucking flunk day bitches" outside TKE. <-- This also could be HUGE!

[01:42 am] Flunk Day Hotline Changed to "Today is NOT Flunk Day." Are they using the hotline to trick us? <-- This probably means that Monday isn't Flunk Day, but that it is very soon. My best guess is Tuesday.

[01:50] Can confirm that Flunk Day is THIS WEEK. Cafeteria staff I know said they can't wait for their 1.5x pay this week because of Flunk Day. Caf staff are paid 1.5x their normal pay on flunk day, so I can confirm that it is this week. They also mentioned that there are 3 alternate days set aside in case Flunk Day.

[03:47 am] Bob and his roommates were spotted walking toward to campus life office (wait, am I dreaming) <-- This could be HUGE!

Tuesday May 1[edit]

Prof. Todd Heidt predicts May 1 for Flunk Day.

No sporting events today! Week 8 flunk?

According to the calendar, it is Flunk Day pub night in Chicago and Colorado. C'mon- what better way to celebrate Flunk than to know alumni are doing it elsewhere? <---Alumni Flunk Day happens on real Flunk Day, May 1 is just a date to get it showing on the calendar

81 degrees, ya'll! EIGHTY ONE DEGREES!!!!

'Twas the Night before Flunk Day

'Twas the night before Flunk Day

and all throughout Knox

not a creature was stirring,

not even the fox.

The students were sleeping,

laughing and weeping;

awaiting the day when they

could start drinking.

The mud pit was dug, the

alarms were all set, Bob Lallky's

big night was finally met.

The friars wake up, a quarter to six--

bringing pots and pans into the mix.

They yell that it's Flunk Day!! But

no one believes, but wait--

I see bouncy houses behind the trees!!

The day has arrived!! You run to the lawn,

and flash a big smile at Eleanor Kahn.

A day full of laughter, it's well worth the wait

so get to bed now, you don't want to be late!

^^^ Imma be mad at whoever wrote this if its actually flunk day^^^

Can't be today, there is an alum, Erin Daugherty, giving a lecture! <----homegirl can join in on the festivities too, tf

Is Milk Route enough to be evidence against Flunk? <--- Definitely not.

President Amott schedules special Board of Trustees Conference Call. Would she schedule a call on Flunk day??? <--- According to Philosophy Professor extraordinaire Bill Young, they scheduled Flunk Day on a faculty meeting last year. Nothing is sacred. Nothing.

Wasn’t Monday so it has to be Tuesday

[11:45am] Bob and Andrew were seen outside of Seymour Grab N Go talking about sending out an important email. Bob was also seen carrying lots of water bottles and Gatorade away from the Grab N Go. Flunk Day tomorrow???

[11:56am] Custodial worker in Seymour just told me that tomorrow is without a doubt Flunk Day.

[12:21 pm] Megan Scott (flunk date day knower) has had her office door closed ALL MORNING. She is normally constantly chatting. Perhaps her door is closed this morning because she's nervous her secret might slip...flunk day confirmed. <-- Shouldn't this say Flunk Day date-knower instead of flunk date day knower? We do expect our student employees to have exemplary writing skills and attention to detail ;p <--The point is I was trying to get the information out asap. Comment irrelevant

Email announcing T shirt tabling was sent today. Could a Tuesday Flunk Day still be possible?

[01:43PM] Grass is being mowed a LOT today.

[3:27PM] nothing new, I’ll keep you posted.

[3:56PM] Both Nurettin Ucar and Todd Heidt have cancelled German 103 for Tuesday. Do they know something we don't?

[4:20PM] Craig Southern cancelled my meeting for tomorrow. Flunk day confirmed?

[4:23PM] Bob Lallky begins drinking pina coladas.<--- it seems like Bob has a drinking problem. <--- I foresee AA meetings in Bob's future <--- Bob told me pina coladas were his DOC (drink of choice) for the Flunk.

[5:05PM] Caf workers seen purchasing their flunk day shirts. Do they know something we don't? <-- I heard from someone that the Caf workers have been told that Tuesday is the day. <------- I counted at least 15 workers buying shirts, they definitely know its tomorrow. <--- Kinda shitty that they have to buy shirts, we should probably give workers shirts if they are working flunk day and not make them buy it.

[5:24PM] Andrew Salemi told a student who asked if Flunk Day is tomorrow "yes" while selling shirts <-- FLUNK DAY CONFIRMED

[5:43PM] Jyotsna and Teslin say its Flunk Day tomorrow

[5:55PM] Jim Kennedy aka legendary Uncle Punk predicts flunk day will be this day. Rumor has it he has guessed the right date for the last 37 years!

[8:31PM] Where is the Flunk spirit? We all know it's Tuesday, right? <-- I don't think it's Tuesday. Emre Sencer sent an email to his students about a teaching demonstration for a potential new professor that's tomorrow. Admin wouldn't allow Flunk Day to occur on the same day as that. Really angers me <--- See above about nothing being sacred

[8:44PM] Med school seminar scheduled for Tuesday lists a Flunk Day make-up date - and no other event in the Campus Life events newsletter does! This could be HUGE!!!

[8:50PM] I checked all of the hotels in Galesburg and didn't find any trucks. I guess we'll find out Tuesday morning if the rumors about the contractors being required to park outside of Galesburg were true. Personally I'm a bit skeptical of it being Tuesday, but I hope that I'm wrong.

[9:35PM] Andrew & Bob were seen at Walmart’s getting ready to Flunk?

[9:40PM] Bob's TKE brothers Aagaman KC and Rassen Acharya (also a Union Board member with Bob) spotted drunk outside Exec. This could be huge!

[10:06PM] Willa Coufal and Peter Rule sighted the legendary "F L U N K D A Y B E A S T," both too large to be a cat and too skinny to be a raccoon. Clearly a harbinger of the impending Flunk. <----- GUYS WE NEED TO WORK ON THE MUD PIT!!!!

[12:46AM] Bob’s roommate Ganesh Uppalapu spotted talking about FLUNK DAY outside of TKE. He was holding a suitcase. What could this mean?

[12:51AM] Does NO ONE else have anything? Is Flunk Day on May 1 or not. I hope it is today. I really

Rumor has it Lallky was called mammoth in high school. Stay tuned to see if this is true.

Update: this is true.

Bob doesn’t like to be touched on the legs.

[1:21AM] Just saying. Went truck hunting. Found nothing. My bets are for a Wednesday flunk. <-- Did you only check around Galesburg? <-- Just chiming in here, one of my friends checked around Monmouth and found nothing. Not looking good for a Tuesday Flunk.

[1:54am] Hotline still saying Flunk Day is Not Today. What time would this change if it was flunk day? <-- I know that at least once it wasn't changed until after the email was sent. I really doubt that it is flunk day though. I think we're getting hyped over nothing. I guess that's part of the fun though.

[6:03AM] No email. Go back to bed.

[6:15] Freshman Brooklyn Deming throws water balloons at friars. <--- repeat after me. DO NOT THROW THINGS AT FRIARS. <--- lol if you know a freshmen please educate them on the joy of flunk, they are going to be embarrassed about this by the time they are seniors. <---- FIRST YEARS CHILL <--- Have some respect freshmen, it is much harder to wake up every day to create the hype than it is for you to hear us yelling for 45 seconds (WHICH HAS HAPPENED ONLY 4 TIMES if I may point out). <--- Oh NO not WATER BALLOONS. That's, like, the WORST THING anyone could be subject to! <---- ?????????????????????????? <--- oh no, some flunk day spirit, I'm ever so slightly inconvenienced, that is like so fucking annoying, why do we get a day of fun that costs like 30k :((( <--- Oh No, Im a senior and Ive also been very tempted to throw things at the friars. bye. SoRrI3 <——-I hope you are away on flunk day and don’t get to experience the magic. What kind of a senior are you? Shame to the world <-- but seriously, like no one wants to be woken up at 5:50 am after studying all night... <---- Don't stay up late studying, wake up at 5:50am instead

Wednesday May 2[edit]

Bob Lalky was heard laughing devilishly when asked about a May 2nd flunk.

6 PM baseball game.

Prof. Robert Smith suspects it will be this date.

Can't be today, there is an alum, Erin Daugherty, hosting office hours with students! <-- super weak reason for today to not be flunk day imo <-- Honestly good reason for the flunk. What alumn doesn't want to be there for the big day?


Our calendar says Baseball @ Robert Morris at 6 pm, their schedule says 7 pm; WHICH ONE IS IT <---------- Flunk conspiracy?? <---------- Baseball game doesn't show up on Robert Morris's schedule <——— it does appear.

[4/30 @ 10PM] Went to the quickie and The Rock was working, he told me that he talked to the guys who bring the bouncy houses and stuff to campus and they told him it's Wednesday. Flunk Day Confirmed. <------- THE ROCK KNOWS ALL. THE ROCK KNOWS ALL. FLUNK DAY IS CONFIRMED BABY GIRL.

                        'Twas the TRUE night before Flunk Day 
  When good children lay
  awaiting the bedlam
  of pots and pans,
  from friars who sing
  of the good tidings they bring:
  News of booze
  Stories of glory
  A broadcast! At long last!
  The day has arrived
  and the students have survived
  a full year of college.
  Thus, UB has acknowledged
  that this is cause for celebration,
  for excessive laughter and jubilation.
  So, go ahead, go wild!
  Run around like a child!
  Make friends with strangers,
  keep one another out of danger.
  Relax and tan on the lawn,
  or party 'til the new dawn.
  And maybe get just a little drunk
  because today, my friends, is a day to flunk!

[09:38am] Bob tweet denying it will be this date. Eager to cover it up? https://twitter.com/BoB_2196/status/991356226607906817

[11:02am] Unless baseball gets cancelled this is super unlikely

Baseball game is happening. Looks like Week 8. <------ a baseball game is not important enough to stop the Flunk

Flunk Day 2007 happened on May 8th: “The baseball team has an away game May 8 against Grinnell College that has been rescheduled twice already. (This could be for or against. Basically, if someone says, "It can't be Flunk Day Tuesday because the baseball team has a game," you can respond that it was already rescheduled twice so it could still be Flunk Day because they rescheduled it and may not have been able to avoid it.)” <- This was taken from the Flunk Fay 2007 page! Soo Flunk day today??? <--- They are not allowed to reschedule on Flunk Day. Administration makes sure that they do not.

[12:09 pm] Literally no sporting event is sacred when it comes to Flunk Day. <- exactly, golf team missed all of Flunk day last year for an away tournament or something like that<-----That's because Chad sent the incomplete schedule.

[17:36] Any further updates? If not, then I think that Flunk Day isn't until next week :(

[6:00] Trucks spotted at hotel in Monmouth! <---- Pics or it didn't happen BOOM! https://imgur.com/gallery/nncsWuj IT'S ABOUT TO GET LITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT<----- IT'S A BLOODY SHOOT-N-SHOWER! <----- There are guys in PURPLE shirts there that look like students. FLUNK DAY CONFIRMED. Can confirm- guys in purple shirts were young and arrived in a separate car. At least one of the shirts said Staff on the back.

[7:13pm] I'm drunk. <---- Bob, is that you?

[7:41] http://www.amoonjump4u.com/interactive-fun-the-shoot-n-shower-1190 <—— basketball activity is very bob <------ Fun fact: Bob actually played the character of "bobby buckets" during RA fall training skit. FLUNK.IS.CONFIRMED. #ReturnOfBobbyBuckets

[8:10]: Confirmation of large birthday party in Monmouth tomorrow.<—————Made up by McCafrey Explains the trucks. Wake up sheeple. <————— CONFIRMED Details?? <---- This makes literally no sense. A wednesday birthday party? Why are the trucks there the night before? C'mon... <----- Do people not have birthdays on Wednesdays? Maybe its a big surprise and they're setting up over night so when the kid wakes up its a birthday... Also Monmouth doesn't have school tomorrow... It all adds up. <-- this sounds much more far fetched than the trucks being for flunk day. Also, they're from the same company that the school has always done business with. FLUNK DAY CONFIRMED. <----- What company, fucking Penske? Biggest truck rental company in the world, bro. Do better. Also, besides the birthday party, they fucked over golf last year. Don't think they'd fuck over two sports teams. ALSO, tomorrow is Monmouth's last day of classes... <------ NICE TRY BOB. --- I believe the company being referenced is AMJ, who that equipment clearly belongs to. <--Yes,not the box truck, look at the logo on the actual Shoot n Shower. It's AMJ Spectacular Events Inc. The school always works with them for flunk day. - They definitely specialize in Flunk Day type activities.

[9:23PM] Monmouth has more bounces that are houses. Now, here be the pictures and they be real real. If somebody be having a birthday, it's gonna be as lit as this flunk. FLUNK DAY CONFIRMED!!! https://imgur.com/a/iQkVKwW

[9:23PM] Lets have a moment of silence for the baseball team. <————— Baseball coach is rumored to have told his players at practice to expect the game to be canceled <——— Considering I’m on the team, I can confirm that he DID NOT say that...

[9:30PM] Step-by-step investigation by some TKE brothers of the “party at Monmouth” and the trucks documented on Ganesh’s Snapstory. WTF DON’T PUT MY SNAPCHAT HERE PEOPLE.

[9:35PM] Brothers of TKE were seen sreaming its Flunkday in a car around campus. YOU KNOW WHO ELSE IS A TKE? BOB <--- Not until Flunk Day is confirmed #fuckbob

[9:55PM] Theory here... Bob is a pretty smart guy. So the baseball game tomorrow is rescheduled with a team they’ve already played. So, Bob gets Coach I and the RMU coach in “rescheduling” on this day to cover up that today is Flunk Day. Good try, Bob. Also, it wasn’t originally on their schedule, because it took sometime for Bob to work his magic and now all the strings have been pulled to cover up that tomorrow is the day!

[10:24PM] Colorado Alumns pregaming for the FLUNK! (CONFIRMED BY CO ALUMN)<---They lit!

[10:28PM] car loudly blasting smash mouth around quads

[11:30PM] Overheard gizmo worker telling a student that she heard supervisor say that tomorrow is def. flunk day!!!

[11:45 PM ish] Mailroom doors are locked - maybe so they can put something Flunk day related in our mailboxes and not risk us finding it before tomorrow morning? <----can confirm that mailroom doors are locked

[1:23 AM] no Mudpit to be seen not looking good <----there wasn't one last year though so <------ maybe we've finally kissed that bs gooooodbyeeeee


Thursday May 3[edit]

"John Krasinski is a god" - Bob Lallky, after praising The Quiet Place

Men's Golf Championships on this day. Not sure how relevant this is. <--- sure didn't matter last year

Can't be today, there is an alum, Erin Daugherty, hosting a workshop! <-- How on Earth could this influence the Flunk day date? This is an extremely weak reason. Nothing is sacred.

Chem 399 seminar is schedule on this date. Does it matter? <---- Seems unlikely. But luckily it's Tuesday so it doesn't matter anyway! Lol chem sems have been happening all term. There is a make-up week if Flunk Day lands on that Thursday

Friday May 4[edit]

Flunk Day 2017.

Monday May 7[edit]

Senior Libby Richmond is in Peoria this day for a big exam. Would secret planner Val Varanese plan flunk day on a day her sorority sister could not be there?? I think not! <---- WHO and WHo? IRRELEVANT WE NEED MORE RELEVANT INFORMATION

No sporting events today! Week 8 flunk?

ATTENTION: News from the Office of Communications—Megan Scott, who knows the exact date of Flunk Day, was overheard saying that historically Knox Flunks occur during later weeks (ironic due to the Very Late Flunk Blow-Up of 2016). She dropped the suggestion of Week 8. GUYS, THIS COULD BE HUGE.

Flunk Day planner Bob Lallky said he's getting up really early on May 19, 2018 for unspecified reasons. Planning next year's Flunk Day?? Seems likely.

Tuesday May 8[edit]

No sporting events today! Week 8 flunk?

I will be the first to say, this will be the FLUNK.

I second that ^^, this will be Flunk Day. YES IT WILL

Flunk Day can't happen on Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation Day. Attendance is mandatory for study abroad and a couple years ago I remember Robin saying Flunk Day can never happen on that day.

Wednesday May 9[edit]

Jonathan Powers always says Flunk Day will be May 9th, and since Jonathan Powers is always right, obviously Flunk Day will be May 9th.

No sporting events today! Week 8 flunk?

Blessings, Blues, and Brews this day. Seems HIGHLY unlikely.

Thursday May 10[edit]

Flunk Day 2016.

Confirmed Flunk Day planner Bob Lallky has to go to Peoria today, would he really plan it on a day where he wouldnt be here ????

No sporting events today! Week 8 flunk?

Friday May 11[edit]

Monday May 14[edit]

Heard Andrew Salemi saying that we are really late this year. Week 9 flunk??

Tuesday May 15[edit]

Heard Andrew Salemi saying that we are really late this year. Week 9 flunk??

Wednesday May 16[edit]

Heard Andrew Salemi saying that we are really late this year. Week 9 flunk??

Thursday May 17[edit]

Smash Mouth has a concert tomorrow (May 18) in Waukegan Il, could they be stopping by for the long predicted legendary Smash Mouth flunk we have all been waiting for?!

Friday May 19[edit]

Flunk Day confirmed because my calendar says May 19, 2018 is a Saturday. The 18th is Friday. So therefore. Flunk day will be May 18 which is the actual Friday?! CONFIRMED????