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In truth, there may be no such thing as a "typical" Flunk Day. However, some things have come to be expected.


A typical Flunk Day begins with students being woken up by Friars. Friars are seniors, usually drunk, wearing Flunk Day shirts and blowing whistles to wake everyone up.

The Mud Pit[edit]

Long despised by Flunk Day planners, perhaps because of its residential setting in the Quads, the mud pit is a cherished tradition for many students. Usually located in the courtyard in front of Conger-Neal, near the Intercultural Life Center, the mud pit is made by enterprising students with trash cans full of water. This water, dumped into one area, makes mud. And then people jump in it, and throw others into it, and make out in it.

The mud pit can be hazardous. Broken glass sometimes cuts people. Betas sometimes pee in it. One girl I knew broke her arm in the mud pit in 2005. Cuts, scrapes, and bruises are common, mud pit-related injuries.


In 2007, the mud pit was the subject of controversy when two students lay down in front of a Facilities Services tractor to prevent it from filling in the prematurely-created mud pit with sand. Facilities Services later entered the suite of one of the students in order to confiscate bags of topsoil.

Foam pit[edit]

The foam pit is the official answer to the mud pit. Intended to replace the mud pit, in early years it was located near the mud pit, but it got too dirty and was moved to a location near CFA.


All three meals are served outside, probably to prevent the cafeteria from getting muddy.


A variety of inflatables and carnival-type games are erected on the lawn south of Seymour Hall.

Bike Ride[edit]

Students who aren't drunk can go on a bike ride to Lake Storey. So can students who are drunk.


Flunk Day usually features other activities, such as a movie or a band performance. These activities may be suddenly and frustratingly canceled in the event of rain, as in 2006.

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