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The 2007 Mud Pit. Photo Courtesy of Perrie Wickart

The mud pit is an area in front of Conger-Neal that is flooded to create a muddy wallow on Flunk Day. In recent years, students have put significant effort into creating it as administration efforts to quash it have intensified. See Flunk Day 2007

Residents of Conger-Neal are the guardians of the mud pit, and students who decide to live in the building are obligated to continue the tradition despite any obstacles they may face.

There are rumors that the 2008-2009 residents of Neal 1 and Conger 2 are a bunch of fucking p*ssies and won't follow through. Let's hope that's not true. The Conger 3, Neal 3, Neal 2, and a select few Conger 1 residents, however, are doing their duty and are stealthily avoiding the attempts by Campus Safety to stop them.

As our former president, Andrew Jackson said, "Our Mudpit! It must be preserved!"

During Flunk Day 2010, a group of students everyone was too excited and/or drunk to identify attacked innocent Mud-Pitters, squirting them all over with fake blood and shouting "BLOOD PIT" at top volume. No one is quite sure what the intentions of these students were, but it is safe to say that Campus Safety was not. A. Mused.

Leading into Flunk Day 2013, the Mudpit was filled up with sand by Campus Safety. This sparked a movement, spearheaded by Tom Courtright, Forrest Hippie, and Stephen Ford, and aptly dubbed "Occupy Mudpit", during which several hundred students came out to re-dig the Mudpit and otherwise defend the beloved Flunk Day tradition. After several clashes between Campus Safety and the Occupiers, Campus Safety Director John Schlaf himself came out to call off Campus Safety's forces, standing in solidarity with the diggers. The night before Flunk Day, however, diggers discovered the pit had been filled with woodchips. Thanks to careful coordination of plans and the hard work of the Conger-Neal residents, the Mudpit was functional once more within 6 hours.

On Flunk Day 2015, the Mudpit was effectively shut down by Campus Safety. Students bringing water to the pit were met with a blockade consisting of the entire Campus Safety force, John Schlaf included. The students fell back until just after Sigma Nu's annual Flunk Day Tunak. However, based on confiscated trash cans and blatant use of Sigma Nu's garden hose, the administration was able to trace SNu's involvement, threatening them with egregious fines, with added fines for any injuries or property damage resulting from the Mudpit that year. Though no fines were issued in the end, it was still pretty fucked-up.