Tompkins Street

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Tompkins Street, looking west from Seminary Street

Tompkins Street is a street in Galesburg. It runs east-west, and marks the 200 block south.

The street runs from its western end at Henderson Street to its eastern end at Seminary Street.

West of Broad Street it is called West Tompkins Street, and east of Broad Street it is called East Tompkins Street.


Tompkins Street runs through downtown Galesburg. The half west of Academy Street is residential, while the eastern portion is filled with commercial, public buildings, and Knox. Tompkins Street marks the extreme northern edge of campus.

Tompkins also forms the north boundary of Standish Park, and abuts the Knox County Courthouse. Whiting Hall, a former Knox residence hall, sits on Tompkins between Broad Street and Cherry Street, and the Knox County Housing Authority Section 8 project is at 255 West Tompkins, between West Street and Academy Street. Galesburg City Hall, the administrative center for Galesburg, is located on Tompkins between Broad Street and Cedar Street. The Amtrak station is at Tompkins' eastern end.

Campus Buildings[edit]