Williston Hall

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Williston Hall is a 24-hour quiet study dorm made up of suites of 4 residents. It is available through Block Housing as well as General Lottery.

Williston from E. South Street

A.K.A "The Quiet Dorm" which some people would think is boring but most of the inhabitants are quite happy about it, thank you very much, mostly because it's not really that quiet. Williston is conveniently located between three of Knox's fraternities, which probably seems a tad odd, considering the whole "quiet" thing. The building was named for a donor who applauded Knox's stand "against the evils of slavery" (or so the plaque right inside the door says).


Williston is also home to one of the creepiest basements on campus (if you don't count the basement in Conger-Neal and NEVER go into the basement at Hamblin), sporting a "study lounge" that is often taken over by gamers, along with soda machines that are never stocked and a snack machine straight from 1978. There are also more driers than washing machines, for some reason. (Actually, this makes perfect sense. It takes only 26 minutes to wash a load of laundry but one hour to dry them, which means two people can wash their clothes and both need a drier before even one drier has finished a cycle.) In addition, there is a bathtub in the basement bathroom. Use it at your own risk.