Alliance for Peaceful Action

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The Alliance for Peaceful Action, commonly known as APA, is one of the student clubs headquartered in the Human Rights Center. They are going to save the world someday if they ever get around to it.


APA was founded in 2001 in opposition to military action by the United States in Afghanistan. The first APA meeting was held in the Gizmo. Founding members included Miriam Timmer, Lisa Knisely, Rebecca Kuglitsch, Bastian Underwood, Jessica Ramos, Dan Lieberman, Sean Dowdy, and Emily Smith. In its infancy, APA also held a Hunger Banquet to raise poverty awareness and campaigned against landmines. APA's initial faculty adviser was Yvonne LaSalle from the AnSo department.

During its second year, APA campaigned against the PATRIOT Act, holding a series of non-partisan meetings on the issue in GDH and distributing information at polling places in Galesburg during the 2002 elections. APA members traveled to Chicago to view Bowling for Columbine; Chris Storey made a detour on the way in order to piss on a Ronald Reagan-related historical marker. (Somewhere far away, Sue Hulett was struck with unexplainable pain.) APA also began to protest the Iraq war during this year, often in conjunction with the Knox County Anti-War Peace Coalition. Unfortunately, APA was unable to prevent the US from deploying troops to Iraq. Chad Broughton became APA's faculty adviser in 2002, although other faculty including Steve Cohn, David Amor, Duane Oldfield, and Karen Kampwirth provided important advice and support.

Recent APA activities have included continued activism against the Iraq war, as well as the first and second annual Fair Trade Fair.