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The Biochemistry Program is an interdisciplinary academic program offered at Knox. It offers one major and one minor. The program is located in SMC.

Program Committee[1][edit]




See main page at Biochemistry.

The program offers one biochemistry major and one biochemistry minor.

Biochemistry (major)[edit]

This major allows advanced study in biochemistry.

Courses Required for the Biochemistry major[2][edit]

11 credits:

For students completing a double major in Biology and Biochemistry, no more than three courses may be double-counted. Students double-majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry may double-count no more than four courses.

Biochemistry (minor)[edit]

This minor allows for intermediate study in biochemistry.

Courses Required for the Biochemistry minor[3][edit]

5 credits:

  • All of the following:
    • BIOL 120 (Cell Biochemistry and Physiology)
    • CHEM 211 (Organic Chemistry I)
    • CHEM 212 (Organic Chemistry II)
    • BCHM 301 (Biochemistry I: Structure and Function)
    • BCHM 302 (Biochemistry II: Chemistry of Metabolism)

For students completing a major-minor combination of Biology or Chemistry and Biochemistry, no more than two courses may be double-counted.

Meeting the Competency Requirements [4][edit]