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West Street is a street in Galesburg. It runs north-south, and marks the 200 block west.

The street runs from its northern end pas Fair Acres Drive to its southern end at County Road 10 (south of which it becomes 1300 N). West Street has a gap just south of Second Street where it would cross a railroad right-of-way. In its southern portion West Street is the main access road for the Galesburg railyards.

North of Main Street it is called North West Street, and south of Main Street it is called South West Street.


West Street runs straight through the west side of campus. Campus features along West include Exec, the Townhouses, SMC, Post, the CTL, Sigma Nu, Sigma Chi, Peterson House, Yellow House, I-House, 530 South West Street, 675 South West Street, 697 South West Street, the Softball Field, Jorge Prats Field, Casa Latina, Conger-Neal, Four-Name, and Five-Name.