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The Office of Admission is an office within the Office of Admission and Financial Aid. The current office head is the Director of Admission, Jill Bisbee.

The Office of Admission is the face of the admissions and enrollment. It is the department that is responsible for ensuring that the college will have future classes to milk for funds. It can be a great place for students gifted in the art of lying and con artistry, or simply for those who really, perhaps somewhat excessively, adore Knox. The admission staff attend college fairs, visit schools, answer prospective student questions, review applications, and so on. The Office of Admission Services part of the Office of Admission organizes the logistics of admission functions such as Open Houses and data entry.

The Office of Admission employs a large number of Knox students as tour guides, drivers, phone bank staff, and for other purposes. Several Knox alumni do a stint working in the Office of Admission shortly after graduation.

The Office of Admission is located in CFA 122. The Office of Admission Services is located in CFA 207.

Office of Admission Staff[edit]

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Recruitment Areas[edit]

See Knox's map for more information.